When should the Boyue Sharp box be sealed?

When should the Boyue Sharp box be sealed?

Do you know when the Boyue Sharp Box should be sealed? Do sharps boxes need to indicate the production department and date of use? Boyue will answer your doubts today. Hope this article can help you.

First of all, the sharps box closure refers to the red rotating disc on the rotating top cover to lock the sharps inlet. Common clinical errors in the use of sharps are: the use process does not press the lid and the box body into a whole, thereby losing the function of the sharps box to prevent needlestick injuries.

According to relevant regulations, when the medical waste contained reaches 3/4 of the packaging or container, an effective sealing method should be used to make the sealing of the packaging or container firm and tight. In actual work, if it is not easy to see the actual volume of sharps from outside the sharps box, you can draw a 3/4 volume line on the outside of the box when the sharps box is enabled.

Each package and container containing medical waste shall have a warning mark on the outer surface, and a label shall be Chinese on each package or container, and the content of the Chinese label shall include: the unit of medical waste generation, the date of generation, the category and special instructions needed.

It can be seen that the sharps box is marked with the activation date when it is activated, which not only meets the relevant requirements, but also facilitates management, avoiding the contamination that may be caused by the marking during sealing.

In addition, it should be noted that considering that the needles in the sharps box contain blood and have been clearly identified as medical waste with the risk of infection transmission, it is recommended to choose a sharps box of appropriate capacity according to actual needs to avoid the situation that 3/4 of the sealing amount cannot be reached for a long time and the stay in the department is long.

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