What to do with discarded insulin needles

What to do with discarded insulin needles

With the widespread use of insulin, diabetic patients are becoming more receptive to home insulin injections and self-monitoring of blood sugar, resulting in more and more infectious and damaging waste.

It has been reported that each patient injected with insulin used disposable injection devices 2~3 times a day, and discarded 60~90 discarded syringe needles for 1 month. The random disposal of discarded needles and blood glucose test strips by diabetic patients at home can cause environmental pollution, transmission of occupational diseases, injuries and infections, posing a direct threat to the environment and human physical and mental health. Therefore, how patients handle insulin needles should be of great concern.

Experts in the health department remind that discarded needles are medical waste, which cannot be littered or thrown into domestic garbage cans, because it is easy to cause accidental injury and unnecessary infection. Accidental needle injuries can also cause the spread of some infectious diseases. The correct way is to prepare a sharps box, put the needle over the outer needle cap with one hand, and collect the discarded needle after each injection in this container, and hand it over to the medical staff for follow-up. Medical staff will be treated uniformly according to medical sharps. To make diabetic patients aware of the harm of discarded needles and promote the green development and sustainable development of society, Boyue provides systematic solutions so that more medical waste needles can be disposed of reasonably.

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