What should be done if the sharps box is knocked over and stabbed?

What should be done if the sharps box is knocked over and stabbed?

Yesterday, the editor saw this question: the nurse of the physical examination department accidentally knocked over the sharps box, and the needle pierced the physical examiner, in addition to drawing blood to track the physical examiner, what measures should be taken? Therefore, Boyue will share his thoughts with you here today, if there is any incorrect, I hope you can leave a message to discuss.

First, the tracking and prevention of bloodborne pathogens. This is easy to think of as an infection control person, but there are two issues to consider:

(1) Is it necessary to monitor all medical examiners or related medical examiners in sharps boxes for hematogenous pathogens?
(2) Whether or not large-scale screening is carried out for patients, there is another question to consider, the prevention of HIV medication?

In fact, this problem can become a medical staff if unexplained exposure occurs, do you use preventive drugs?

medication, there is a risk of impaired liver and kidney function;
Without medication, there is a risk of infection.

There are pros and cons to both, to quote from the group:
If you can’t trace the source of exposure, you can only treat it as an unknown source of exposure. The need for HIV prophylaxis needs to be assessed by the local HIV occupational exposure panel.

In addition to the expert group assessment, I think it is necessary to make it clear to the patients that they have the right to know the situation, with or without it, they have the right to decide, otherwise, they cannot cooperate, or do not cooperate, and the prevention effect is also reduced. Therefore, after the notification is clear, whether to use it or not is decided by the patient’s signature.

Second, we should also pay attention to the infection of needle eye wounds
In addition to the transmission of bloodborne diseases, it is also necessary to consider the constitution of the patient, whether it belongs to a high-risk group, pay attention to whether the patient will have needle infection, and if there is discomfort, come to the doctor in time.

Third, the guidance of psychological pressure
Whether it is the nurse in charge of drawing blood or the patient who has been punctured, do not ignore the psychological comfort of the two, which can be done with the power of your own hospital psychologist.

4. It is an adverse event
If a patient is injured, it must be an adverse event and needs to be reported, why is it overturned? Analyze the cause, the impact of where to place and height? Is the quality of the product qualified? Is the process reasonable?

5. Medical waste spillage
The sharps box was overturned, resulting in the spillage of medical waste, and it was necessary to deal with it according to the process established by their own hospital, and whether it was necessary to respond to emergency plans for the prevention and control of medical waste loss, leakage and proliferation.

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