What should a patient do if the sharps box is knocked over and stabbed?

What should a patient do if the sharps box is knocked over and stabbed?

The sharps box is a container used by medical institutions to hold sharp medical waste, which includes metal sharps, such as medical needles, suture needles, acupuncture needles, probes, puncture needles and various guide wires, steel nails , surgical saws, etc.; discarded glass sharps, such as coverslips, slides, glass ampoules, broken glass test tubes; discarded sharps of other materials, such as disposable tweezers, disposable probes, disposable Plastic pipette tips, etc. Reasonable use of the sharps box can protect us from the secondary injury of sharps, but what should we do if the sharps box has been knocked over and stabbed the patient?

1. Tracking and prevention of blood-borne pathogens
This is essential, and many professional medical staff can think of it, but at the same time, there are two issues that need to be considered.
①Is it necessary to monitor bloodborne pathogens for all examiners or relevant examiners in the sharps box?
②Regardless of whether a large-scale screening of patients is implemented, there is another issue to consider, the issue of medication. For some pathogens, such as hepatitis B and HIV, the sooner the drug is taken, the better, especially for HIV, the effective rate of drug use is 100% within two hours. As time goes on, the effective prevention rate will gradually decrease. There is a risk of liver and kidney damage, and there is a risk of infection without medication, both of which have advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the evaluation of the expert group, this condition also needs to be made clear to the patient, and the patient has the right to know the situation and decide whether to adopt it according to the individual hospital.

2. Continue to pay attention to the infection of needle eye wounds
In addition to the spread of blood-borne diseases, it is also necessary to consider the physique of the patient, whether the patient belongs to a high-risk group, and whether the patient will suffer from needle-mouth infection. If the patient feels unwell, he should seek medical attention in time.

3. Alleviation of psychological stress
The items in the sharps box stab the patient, which is a stressful thing for professionals, not to mention the stabbed party. Therefore, it is very important to provide appropriate psychological comfort to the stabbed. Necessary, do not underestimate the power of emotions, it is very powerful.

4. This is undoubtedly an adverse event
If the patient is stabbed, it must be an adverse event. After the matter is properly handled, it is necessary to analyze the cause. Are the placement and height correct? Is the quality of the product qualified? Is the process reasonable?

5. the best placement and placement height of sharps box
The sharps box needs to be placed in a suitable height, convenient and visible location. The study showed that the optimal placement height of the sharps box was (91.52±7.51) cm, and the effective distance for handling sharps was (37.97±6.03) cm. If the sharps box is placed too high, the visibility is poor, and the sharps cannot be accurately put in, and there is a risk of stabbing. If the sharps box is placed too low, especially on the ground or the bottom of the work vehicle, it is necessary to bend over to operate, and the line of sight is easily obstructed. Blocking, increasing the probability of damage. At the same time, the sharps box should be placed in a position that is convenient for medical personnel to operate to reduce the transfer path of sharps.

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