What is the difference between medical sharps waste disposal and domestic sharps disposal

What is the difference between medical sharps waste disposal and domestic sharps disposal

The same is sharp, what is the difference between medical sharps and glass fragments and other sharps that are common in life? Many people think that the two are the same sharps, and there is no difference in the way they are handled. This kind of thinking is obviously wrong. In fact, medical sharps are completely different from life sharps, and process standards must be strictly followed during the handling process, otherwise serious biological hazards may be caused.

First, we need to clarify what medical sharps include. Medical sharps, also known as damaging waste, refer to discarded medical sharps that can stab or cut the human body, mainly including

1. Glass: mainly glass medicine bottles, glass ampoules, glass infusion bottles, glassware, glass test tubes, glass syringes and thermometers, etc.;
2. Metals: mainly include syringe needles, infusion (blood) needles, intravenous infusion needles, various puncture needles, trocars, suture needles used in surgery, surgical blades and surgical scissors.

Medical sharps are not only found in hospitals and medical institutions. Many people also use medical sharps in their homes. For example, diabetics use medical needles to inject insulin, glass bottles for pesticides, and needles for injecting medicines into poultry. These are medical sharps and need to be disposed of properly.

In order to avoid being stabbed by medical sharps, reduce the injury of medical sharps. The used medical sharps should be collected in a special sharps box. The sharps box that meets the requirements has the function of preventing puncture, and the appearance is bright yellow and printed with biohazard marks. Boyue produces and sells high-quality sharps. Box, if you have related needs, you can go to Boyue’s official website https://cn-boyue.com/ to see. When the medical sharps in the sharps box is three-quarters full, it should be sealed, and no sharps can be put into it any more, and sent to a special place for disposal. Hospitals and medical institutions will have special vehicles to transport medical waste to treatment centers. Medical sharps used in ordinary households can be packed in sharps boxes and sent to hospitals or medical institutions for unified disposal.

If you are unfortunate enough to be stabbed by a medical sharp object, don’t be indifferent, please take the following measures immediately:

1. In the event of a needle stick injury, the injured person should keep calm, and immediately squeeze from the proximal end to the distal end of the wound with their hands to squeeze out the blood of the wound. It is forbidden to squeeze or press the wound locally to avoid siphon phenomenon. Draws contaminated blood into the blood vessels, increasing the chance of infection.
2. Thoroughly wash the wound with soapy water, and rinse repeatedly under running water; rinse the mucosa with isotonic saline.
3. Disinfect the wound with 0.5% iodophor or 75% ethanol and bandage it.
4. Ask an expert to evaluate the amount of virus and bacteria in the patient’s blood and the depth, exposure time, and scope of the injured person’s wound, and make corresponding treatment.
5. Carry out serological tests, establish tracking files if necessary, and take corresponding measures.

Prompt and reasonable measures will reduce unnecessary harm to your body. If you are stabbed by a sharp object in your life, if the injury is not serious, you can use alcohol to disinfect it, then bandage it and wait for it to heal. If the wound is deep and serious, going to the hospital is the best option.

If you want to buy sharps boxes and other related products, please visit the official website of Boyue https://cn-boyue.com/. Boyue is a company specializing in the production of medical sharps containers. There are many professional production lines, and all products meet the International standards and have been tested before leaving the factory. Boyue’s products are of high quality and low price, and have a good reputation. Look forward to working with you!

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