Use the Sharps Box Correctly to Avoid Sharps Injury

Use the Sharps Box Correctly to Avoid Sharps Injury

Sharps injury is the main occupational hazard faced by clinical medical staff. In clinical nursing work, nurses have to complete a large number of injections, blood collection, infusion and other operations every day. It is also relatively large, and the use of medical sharps collection boxes is an effective measure to prevent and reduce sharps injuries to operators.In today’s article, let’s discuss the safe use of sharps boxes.

 Volume of Sharps Box


The material of sharps box generally uses the properties of protective barrier materials, such as hardness, resistance to chemical corrosion, material degradation, liquid leakage, penetration, tearing, abrasion, etc. The sharps container shall be durable, closable, leak-proof, puncture-proof at all times before use and final disposal, and shall have sufficient capacity to hold the largest type of sharps used in the work, keeping the sharps container full The possibility of overflow is minimized. The volume of the sharps box currently used in clinical practice is too small. After placing various puncture needles, blades and the tip of the infusion set, it is easy to fill up. If a sharps about 20cm long is used, it may be Do not go in. Therefore, hospitals should provide sharps boxes of different volumes. Sharps injuries are most common in the period from the end of use to the time when they are discarded. When nurses operate on patients, a small sharps box should be included in the treatment tray so that sharps can be handled in time, because the treatment tray with a sharps box is used. It can shorten the effective distance for handling sharps and reduce the occurrence of accidental sharps injuries.


The placement height of the sharps box


The placement height of the sharps box affects the accessibility and visibility of the sharps box. The sharps box is placed too high and needs to be operated on tiptoe, and the entrance of the sharps box and the current sharps box cannot be seen. If the sharps box is placed too low, if it is placed on the lower layer of the treatment car, especially on the ground, it is necessary to bend over to operate, and sometimes the sharps cannot be operated at one time. Accurately put it into the sharps container, which will cause environmental pollution, increase the chance of stabbing, and easily cause lumbar muscle strain. The installation height of the sharps box should meet the space range that the user’s arm can reach and is lower than the eye level: the user can clearly see the entrance of the sharps collection box; the container should be within the reach of the arm during operation and the container entrance should be kept. Open; the height of the sharps collection box of the fixture should be below the operator’s eye level. The research results of Jiang Zhixia and others showed that the most suitable sharps box placement height that can ensure that the sharps can be put into the sharps box in a timely and safe manner after use is (91.52±7.51) cm, and the effective distance is (37.97±7.51) cm. 6.03) cm.


Sharps box inlets and disposal openings


The sharps collection box shall have its openings protected against spillage (both solids and liquids) during use, closure and transport before final disposal, and the design of the inlet It should be considered to minimize the probability of hand contamination or sharps being scratched when putting sharps into it. The entrance design with protective device can be used to prevent hands or fingers from entering the sharps collection box, but this protective device can be used. The access to the container should not be obstructed by staff, and the access to the sharps collection box should be easily identifiable and accessible, and easy to operate with one hand.

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