Understand the hazards of Sharps and Proper sharps Disposal

Understand the hazards of Sharps and Proper sharps Disposal

Understand the hazards of Sharps and Proper sharps Disposal

Understand the hazards of sharps

Sharps Container and Sharps are very common and widely using in our life. What are sharps? Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards state that a sharp is a contaminated and bio-hazardous object that can deeply puncture the skin. In medical environment, sharps include needles, syringes, scalpels, lancets, dental wires and etc.

People can use sharps by themselves for ongoing chronic disease care, like insulin injection. The Majority people haven’t had consciousness to throw used sharps in correct place. If used sharps break or damage skin, it will bring a big risk of blood-borne pathogen transmission. Blood-borne pathogen is a microorganism that throughs broken skin and damages body fluids, such as Hepatitis, HIV, AIDS or other Blood-borne illness. They could cause chronic and life-threatening disease for human’s whole life. Researchers showed that these injuries most often happened in nursing homes, clinics, emergency care services, and private homes.

How to disposal sharps become more significant. Studies show people use proper container or box to reduce the sharps injuries, it will greatly decrease the risk of bloodborne diseases. In order to prevent bloodborne pathogen transmission, medical sharps container is a valid strategy.

Healthcare organizations could place disposal sharps container for used sharps in some areas, including laboratories, exam rooms, pharmacies, nurses’ stations, tattoo shops or public restroom. People could find sharps container and throw sharps out.

Container could be classified by application field. For hospital area or emergency clinic, you can see used needles and syringes everywhere. In laboratory room, you will see different types of sharps or chemical liquid. Different area needs specific sharps container for sharps. How to design sharps container is the big factor to effect employee who uses the container can dispose of sharps much more safety, easier and efficiency.

Proper sharps disposal

For disposable sharps container, it is suitable for hospital, clinic and somebody who needs insulin injection. Because they need to swap needles and throw needle to sharps container very frequently. For chemotherapy waste disposal container, it is suitable for chemical room which need leak-resistant gasket to prevent chemical liquid to leak. Therefore, different application area with specific design for container is very helpful.

Our company would like to design the sharps container depend on different applications areas. As we said before, different area has different working environment. Our company has professional engineers who are focusing on sharps container that using in different area. Most of our containers are designed for healthcare area.

Firstly, we would like to consider the healthcare employees who could take needles down easier, and they could put the sharps or syringe more convenient. Then, some healthcare required that container should have to prevent leakage. We designed a position to put sealing for our container cap so that container could prevent leakage. Thirdly, we designed our containers could achieve FDA standard. The thickness of our container could satisfy the puncture test. It means reasonable thickness of container can prevent needles to puncture containers with normal using. Another FDA standard is the drop test. Our material and designing could satisfy drop test. We tested our container carrier with standard weight and dropped our container over 1.5m height. The result was our container didn’t have any crack.

We also designed reusable waste container which could use for somewhere that needed recycle couple times. Healthcare organizations could choose reusable waste containers. These series containers are made of harder plastic material and thicker wall thickness for containers. Hence, material of reusable containers could accept more puncture power and burden standard sterilization temperature with non-deformation. This series will improve the usage times and reduce the number of containers ending up in landfills.

An excellent sharps container and sharps disposal program can extremely reduce the biohazard and bloodborne pathogen transmission. Our company are very welcome to cooperate with you as well. Learn more about how Boyue medical can improve and support your sharps management and waste program, contact us to realize more information about us.