Treatment process and treatment method of medical waste

Treatment process and treatment method of medical waste

Unlike ordinary waste, the treatment of medical waste needs to strictly follow the process specifications to avoid biological contamination. The process of medical waste treatment and disposal is first to classify medical waste, and then it is necessary to check the packaging or container of medical waste, and after checking that there is no problem, the medical waste can be put into the temporary storage room, and then the medical waste will be transferred and disposed of by full-time personnel according to law. The specific process is as follows:

1. Medical personnel shall classify medical waste in accordance with relevant rules.
2. Medical personnel carefully inspect the packaging or container to confirm that there is no damage, exudate and other defects.
3. Full-time medical waste management personnel will transport the classified and packaged medical waste from the place of medical waste generation to the temporary storage room in the hospital according to the specified route every day.
4. The medical waste in the temporary storage room shall be handed over to the special personnel designated by the county health bureau and the county environmental protection bureau for disposal by full-time personnel. Find the legal network to remind that the storage time should not exceed two days, and fill in the hazardous waste transfer form.
5. After the medical waste is transferred out, full-time personnel shall clean and disinfect the temporary storage site and facilities in a timely manner, and make records.

If it is medical waste generated by personal household use, do not dispose of it at will, please place the medical waste in a special medical waste container and contact the institution for special treatment, for your safety, please do not dispose of it without authorization. Boyue company produces and sells special medical waste containers, their products fully meet international standards, and the quality is better than most similar products on the market.

At present, there are many international treatment methods for medical waste, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. There are generally methods such as sanitary landfill method, high-temperature incineration, pressure steam sterilization method and chemical disinfection method.

1. Sanitary landfill method
The advantages of the landfill treatment method are that the process is simple, the investment is small, and a large amount of medical waste can be treated. The main disadvantages are that it needs to be disinfected before landfill, waste capacity reduction is small, landfill construction investment is large, it needs to occupy a lot of land, produces methane, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide gas, nitrogen, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases, but also produces oxygen and hydrogen and volatile organic compounds, and requires long-term monitoring of soil and groundwater.

2. High temperature incineration method
The main advantages of incineration treatment technology are that the volume and weight are significantly reduced, and the waste is obviously disfigured; Suitable for all types of medical waste and large-scale applications; Stable operation, good disinfection and pollutant removal effect, relatively mature technology. The disadvantages are mainly manifested in high cost, serious air pollution, and the need for a well-equipped exhaust gas purification system; Bottom slag and fly ash are hazardous.

3. Pressure steam sterilization method
In contrast, pressure steam sterilization technology has the advantages of low investment, low operating cost, easy detection, low residue risk, good disinfection effect, and a wide range of suitable treatment. The main disadvantage is that the volume and appearance have remained largely unchanged; There may be air pollutant emissions.

The treatment of medical waste requires strict compliance with specifications, and special containers are required for transportation and storage. Boyue has been specializing in the production of medical containers for more than ten years, and their customers are located in more than 30 countries around the world, and they have a good reputation and have made great contributions to the prevention of biohazards. The medical waste containers produced by Boyue company are not only of good quality, strong puncture-proof ability, but also easy to clean, convenient to transport, and a complete range of types.

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