The Use and Precautions of Sharps Box

  The Use and Precautions of Sharps Box

The sharp tool box is a tool that clinical nurses must use every day. You may think that this small sharp tool box is nothing, but this small sharp tool box does contain a lot of knowledge. Today we will take a look at how to use the sharp tool box and pay attention to it. matter.

How to use the sharps box:

  1. Install the sharp tool box: Press down the box body and the box cover to install as a whole.
  2. Rotate the red rotating disc on the top cover left and right to open or close the sharps box. Rotate counterclockwise to open and clockwise to close.
  3. Collection of syringe needles: Insert the needle into the teardrop-shaped hole, jam it at the interface between the syringe nipple and the needle, and gently press the syringe downward, and the syringe needle will automatically fall into the sharps box.
  4. Collection of the sharp parts of the infusion set: hold the hose of the infusion set, insert the sharp part into the large opening of the top cover, and cut it with scissors, and the sharp part will fall into the sharp tool box.
  5. Sharps such as blades or glass, as well as blood-contaminated items such as syringes and infusion sets used for blood transfusion can be directly put into the large opening at the top.
  6. When the sharps box is filled to 70% of its volume, the sharps box should be closed: Rotate the red rotating disc on the top cover clockwise, after hearing the sound of “squeak”, press firmly on the raised part of the red top cover With one click, the entire sharps box is securely locked.

There are many things that we need to pay attention to in the use of sharps boxes. Because it involves medicine and diseases, the use of sharps boxes must strictly abide by the medical regulations of the country. Here are some common and common precautions to share with you.

Precautions for the use of sharps boxes:

  1. Collect needles for syringes, infusion sets, and single-use items;
  2. Collect medical small glass products, various types of blades, scalp needles, suture needles and other sharps;
  3. Collect blood-filled syringes, blood transfusion sets and other medical equipment that come into contact with blood;
  4. Other sharp dangerous goods such as medical sharps that must be put into the sharps box

The sharps box is for one-time use and must be recycled by the medical waste disposal unit within 24 hours according to regulations, and completely and safely incinerated within 48 hours. The product uses new polypropylene material, does not contain PVC, is convenient, safe, non-toxic, puncture-resistant, non-leakage, and easy to burn at high temperature. Once closed it cannot be opened without breaking.

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