The selection criteria of sharps boxes and the precautions for the use of Boyue sharps boxes

The selection criteria of sharps boxes and the precautions for the use of Boyue sharps boxes

For the disposal of medical waste, sharps boxes are crucial. Sharps boxes can not only effectively reduce the probability of medical staff being stabbed, but also avoid biological contamination and effectively prevent safety accidents. The selection of sharps boxes is very important, and in general, the following points need to be paid attention to:
1. According to the sharps used in medical care operations, select a sharps box of suitable size, and the sharps can be put in completely.
2. The sharps box meets the following requirements: durable, puncture-proof, leak-proof, and the needles, glass shards, etc. contained in it cannot pierce the sharps box.
3. The sharps box selected is overall yellow.
4. The outer surface of the sharps box is printed with a medical waste warning logo.

The medical sharps box produced by Boyue fully meets the above requirements, and Boyue always insists on excellence, with the highest industry standards to demand itself. Boyue sharp box strictly follows the production standards, and the products have undergone multiple strict puncture tests before leaving the factory to ensure product quality. Boyue is determined to be the guardian of medical safety, and achieves this intention with its best efforts, providing the most professional and high-quality products without purchase concerns for the medical industry. The use process of sharps box should also strictly follow the usage specifications, the following are some precautions for the use of Boyue sharp box, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Use of sharps boxes:
1. The sharps box is assembled correctly and the lid is tight.
2. The sharps box is placed in a conspicuous position close to the workplace as much as possible to facilitate safe use.
3. The sharps box is placed within the reach of nursing staff, and does not need to be put in after secondary sorting.
4. The movable sharps box should be placed at waist height.
5. Do not put the sharps box on the bottom of the work vehicle, the nurse bends over to put in the sharps, the line of sight is blocked, it is very easy to lead to stabbing during the insertion process.
6. After the nursing staff has finished operating, the sharps are directly put into the sharps box, and the shorter the interval between the completion of the operation and the placement in the sharps box, the more effective the needle prick injury.
7. The sharps box should not be placed on the ground, on the surface of higher objects, or in places accessible to children and unconscious patients.
8. If it is a sharps box installed in the patient’s room, the height from the ground to the opening of the sharps box should be 132-142cm.

9. Designate individuals or groups to be responsible for the routine inspection of sharps boxes and maintain the sharps boxes in each area, and the designated personnel shall routinely monitor the marking line of the sharps box and replace them before the sharps are filled to the marking line. This reduces the spillage of sharps.
10. All employees who use sharps should carry sharps boxes, and should use handles when carrying sharps boxes, or carry smaller sharps boxes with hand trays, and it is forbidden to lean sharps boxes against their bodies.
11. Medical institutions should prohibit non-sharps waste from being put into sharps boxes. Non-sharps waste increases the disposal cost of sharps boxes and creates unsafe barriers when sharps boxes are opened.
12. Before using the new sharpener box, employees should be trained on how to use the sharps box. Ongoing training is incorporated into annual sharps injury prevention training. Sharps box manufacturers and medical facilities work together to train them on safe sharps disposal.

Replacement and removal of sharps boxes
1. It is forbidden to fill the sharps box. Replace the sharps box when the sharps reach the marking line, and replace them when they are 3/4 full.
2. Make sure that the sharps box has been closed before discarding, locked and cannot be reopened, and the label is complete.
3. After use, the sharps box transporter is sent from the medical waste generation to the temporary storage place inside the medical institution according to the specified time and route.
4. The sharps box should be managed by a special person in the temporary storage place.
5. Do not discard the sharps box in a yellow bag in order to prevent leakage.

6. Before the sharps box is removed, if there is a possibility of penetration or leakage, it should be put into the second layer container, and the requirements of the second layer container are the same as the first layer container.
7. Do not open, empty or clean the sharps box with bare hands to avoid causing skin damage to the operator.
8. When the sharps box is removed from the storage area or replaced, the container should be covered first to prevent the overflow and leakage of the contents during handling, storage and transportation.

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