The main purpose and classification of boyue medical waste turnover barrels

The main purpose and classification of boyue medical waste turnover barrels

In the 21st century, with the improvement of everyone’s living standards, there are more and more domestic waste disposal, so garbage classification and recycling seems to be very important, especially harmful to people’s physical and mental health, so the waste purchase of hospital outpatient waste has become a part of attention, and garbage classification and recycling acquisition is also very important:

1. According to the type of medical waste, infectious waste and harmful waste are respectively placed in a closed type with light yellow turnover materials or utensils with warning marks, and physiological wastes must be closed with light yellow turnover materials after being solved by anti-corrosion.

It is important to note that a turnover material or vessel with a warning mark is applied. If its outer surface is contaminated by infectious waste, it is reasonable to carry out or upgrade a layer of packaging at the contaminated environment.

2. Infectious waste, harmful waste, physiological waste, pathological waste and acid waste cannot be mixed and collected. Small amounts of pathological waste can leach into infectious waste, but this should be indicated on the label.

3. Before disposing of medical waste, it is reasonable to carry out careful inspection of medical waste turnover materials or utensils to ensure that there is no damage, water leakage and other defects.

4. When holding 3/4 of the turnover materials or utensils of medical waste, be sure to carry out a tight and tight seal.

5. It is forbidden to dump and pile up medical waste in non-collection and non-temporary storage sites, and it is strictly forbidden to infiltrate medical waste into other wastes or household waste disposal.

6. High-line risk factor wastes such as culture liquid, specimen collection, and storage solution of seedlings and virus seedlings in medical waste must be solved by pressure vapor or organic chemistry in the microbial strain laboratory, and then collected and solved according to infectious waste.

7. After application, disposable syringes, blood transfusion sets (bags) and injection needles should be cut off the needles, and the needles should be collected according to harmful waste, and disposable syringes, blood transfusion sets (bags) and injection needles should be collected according to infectious waste.

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