sharps waste

Methods of Disposal of Sharps Waste and Pharmaceutical Waste

The medical waste disposal is often considered to have no technical content, but it directly affects our living environment. Only by strictly handling every detail can we truly and effectively prevent the spread of pathogenic microorganisms and avoid environmental pollution.   So how to deal with it specifically? We have sorted it out for you as follows: Medical waste includes five categories: infectious waste, sharps waste, pharmaceutical waste, chemical waste, and pathological waste. Today we share with you the disposal methods

Use the Sharps Box Correctly to Avoid Sharps Injury

Sharps injury is the main occupational hazard faced by clinical medical staff. In clinical nursing work, nurses have to complete a large number of injections, blood collection, infusion and other operations every day. It is also relatively large, and the use of medical sharps collection boxes is an effective measure to prevent and reduce sharps injuries to operators.In today’s article, let’s discuss the safe use of sharps boxes.  Volume of Sharps Box   The material of sharps box generally uses