Sharps Box

  The Use and Precautions of Sharps Box

The sharp tool box is a tool that clinical nurses must use every day. You may think that this small sharp tool box is nothing, but this small sharp tool box does contain a lot of knowledge. Today we will take a look at how to use the sharp tool box and pay attention to it. matter. How to use the sharps box: Install the sharp tool box: Press down the box body and the box cover to install as

Use the Sharps Box Correctly to Avoid Sharps Injury

Sharps injury is the main occupational hazard faced by clinical medical staff. In clinical nursing work, nurses have to complete a large number of injections, blood collection, infusion and other operations every day. It is also relatively large, and the use of medical sharps collection boxes is an effective measure to prevent and reduce sharps injuries to operators.In today’s article, let’s discuss the safe use of sharps boxes.  Volume of Sharps Box   The material of sharps box generally uses