Syringe Disposal

Syringe Disposal

Syringes are one of the more commonly used medical devices. Please be sure to take them seriously after using them, otherwise they will cause serious environmental pollution. And the medical industry also has express regulations, on how to deal with the syringe disposal after use, let me share with you below.


  1. The medical unit that uses and inoculates should deal with the destruction and disinfection of the syringe.


  1. Build a complete accounting process and system for syringe allocation or purchase, use, and destruction records.


3.Vaccinations should be administered using “disposable” syringes.


  1. When using a disposable syringe for vaccination, the standard of one person, one needle, one tube, one use and one destruction must be strictly adopted.


  1. When repurchasing and using disposable syringes, it is necessary to check whether the packaging of the syringes is in good condition. Products with damaged packaging or exceeding the expiration date are prohibited from use.


  1. After the inoculation is completed, the used disposable syringes should be placed in a stab-proof safety collection container (syringe disposal container)made of sturdy materials, and handed in and destroyed together before the next inoculation. Reuse is strictly prohibited.


  1. It is recommended to destroy the disposable syringe after use by destroying the shaper, or destroying the separation needle and syringe in other ways. The injection needle can be directly put into the puncture-proof container for destruction or it can be bent with a tool. Syringes can be directly destroyed with pliers, hammers and other items, and then soaked in 1000mg/L disinfectant containing effective chlorine for more than 60 minutes.


  1. The used syringes should be disposed of harmlessly. The methods include incineration, destruction-type disinfection, and deep burial after incineration. When using a safety box for incineration, the temperature should be higher than 800 °C to reduce air pollution.


The above content is about the disposal of disposable syringes after use. I hope everyone can do a good job in the destruction of disposable consumables, so as not to endanger the environment and affect people’s health. Today I will talk to you about this. For more foreign trade, medical equipment, and consumables, please log in to , see you in the next article!

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