Sharps Waste&Medical Waste Disposal

Sharps Waste&Medical Waste Disposal

Sharps waste and medical waste are both hazardous wastes. How to dispose of these medical wastes in specific operations? In today’s article, let’s take a look at how relevant departments deal with these wastes.

There are strict safety management procedures for the disposal of hospital medical waste. The medical waste generated by each department is sorted by medical staff and placed in a special medical waste container. When the container reaches 3/4, it must be collected and packaged by the cleaning staff of the department. The medical waste bag is sealed with a cable tie and attached with medical Waste sign. “Dedicated personnel from the department will hand over each time with the medical waste delivery personnel, and record the source, type, weight or quantity of medical waste, handover time and other items in detail. The handover needs to be signed.” , the classification management has been popularized early. Medical waste is collected in five categories: infectious waste, damaging waste, pathological waste, pharmaceutical waste and chemical waste.

For example, infectious waste is medical waste that carries pathogenic microorganisms and has the risk of causing the spread of infectious diseases. In short, disposable caps, masks, gloves, syringes, blood transfusion sets, plastic test tubes, etc. used in hospitals are all infectious. waste. In addition, the most frequently used cotton swabs, cotton balls, gauze, dressings, etc. in the hospital are also infectious wastes.

The temporary storage of medical waste also has a strict management system: there are eye-catching warning signs and signs of no smoking, no food, avoid direct sunlight, and achieve “five preventions”: anti-rat, anti-mosquito, anti-cockroach, anti-theft, anti-theft Leakage and rainwater, the temporary storage of medical waste has strict sealing measures, the entrance and exit are locked by special personnel, and the temporary storage of medical waste is equipped with air conditioners to avoid the breeding of high-temperature bacteria.

All medical waste will be collected and transported to the medical waste disposal center for harmless treatment, with a daily processing capacity of 8 tons, and the treatment facilities will be incinerated continuously for 24 hours.

In the central control room of the medical waste disposal center, the pyrolysis incineration system screen shows each process and real-time temperature of the medical waste to be treated. After the medical waste is burned and decomposed in the primary incinerator, the combustible gas is generated in the secondary combustion chamber and is higher than 850 ℃ The high temperature is fully burned, and then the emission standard is finally achieved through the purification system. “During the incineration process, toxic and harmful gases will be generated. After the secondary combustion of these gases, they will be cooled by rapid cooling, sprayed with lime, activated carbon to adsorb heavy metals, filtered and dedusted, and sprayed with deacidification, and the purified gas will pass through a 42-meter-high chimney. emission.

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