Sharps waste treatment medical needle treatment

Sharps waste treatment medical needle treatment

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 80%-90% of infectious diseases among healthy medical workers (physicians, nurses, waste collectors, etc.) are caused by needlestick injuries, and nurses account for 80% of needlestick injuries. Twenty pathogens have been shown to be transmitted by needlestick inoculation. When a needlestick injury occurs, only 0.004ml of blood is generally enough to infect the injured person with hepatitis B virus. While having fatal consequences, it can cause severe and lasting psychological stress on the injured person, seriously affecting his normal life. Although injuries such as stabbing and abrasions by sharp objects in medical work are inevitable, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 62%-88% of sharp object injuries are preventable.

Causes of needlestick injuries:

1. Poor awareness of self-prevention;

2. Failure to strictly abide by operating procedures;

3. Nursing staff shortage and busy work;

4. The impact of the medical operating environment;

5. The management system for nurses’ acupuncture injuries is not perfect.

6. The operation is not in place and there is a lack of safety protection equipment.

Most vulnerable times:

1. When the needle cap is pulled out before operation, when the liquid is sucked, and when the needle cap is re-covered after the liquid is pumped;

2. During various injections during operation, when intravenous infusion and sealing of tubes, when transmitting sharps during surgery, and when extracting needles;

3. After operation, when using the back sleeve needle cap and sorting out the dirt, the needle is punctured in the bedside table, treatment disc and curved disc.

How to avoid needlestick injuries:

Acupuncture injuries are a potential threat that healthcare workers cannot avoid, but by doing so, the phenomenon of needlestick injuries will be greatly reduced.

First, healthcare workers need to understand the importance of occupational safety. Education should not only reach every operator, but also make all hospital managers, especially nursing managers, recognize the seriousness of the problem and pay attention to it. In addition, as medical personnel, they must pay attention to their own occupational safety and health. Create a green working environment with safe needles.

Second, use safety needles. Dr. Janine Jagger, a well-known epidemiologist in the United States, found that needlestick injuries caused by unsafe needles are much greater than needlestick injuries caused by medical workers due to carelessness, so it is recommended that everyone use safety needle devices. One study reported that more than 80% of accidental needlestick injuries could be avoided using safety needles.

Most importantly, professional medical waste containers need to be prepared. Medical sharps and needles need to be placed in a medical waste container as soon as they are used. Qualified quality medical waste containers can effectively prevent puncture wounds and prevent biological pollution.

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Safe injection is an inevitable trend in the future, and it is also necessary to ensure the supply of staffing and various medical protective equipment, improve protection awareness, standardize the disposal of medical waste, and say goodbye to needlestick wounds.

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