Common sharps wastes in medical waste include medical syringe needles, glass ampoules, leather knives, scalpel suture needles and so on. At this time, a special needle processing box, that is, a sharp weapon box, is needed to preserve this type of sharp items and prevent them from being scratched. Used needles can not be cut or broken at will, nor can they be operated directly by hand, which is very dangerous, the correct way is to put used syringes, blades, etc. into the container containing discarded sharps. All medical sharps waste should be regarded as infectious waste, placed in a special sharps box, sent to a special medical waste disposal site, after high temperature and high pressure and other harmless treatment or incineration, in accordance with the requirements of the environmental protection department.

In the daily work of medical staff, contaminated medical sharps should be disposed of in closed, puncture-proof and leak-proof containers as soon as possible. In the process of using the sharps box, you need to pay attention to the following points: First, fill in the name of the department and the start time on the label of the medical sharps box; 2. Place the sharps box in a suitable position, and the container for storing the waste of sharps should be placed as far as possible in a place that is easily accessible to medical staff; Third, the sharps box with the label of “medical waste” is outward, open the lid when using the sharps waste and throw it into the entrance of the sharps box; Fourth, the sharps box should not be stored too full; 5. Containers for storing polluting sharps shall be covered with containers during transfer and transportation to prevent spillage and exposure of the contents during handling, storage and transportation. Only by following the correct operation process at all times can we better prevent accidents and protect people’s lives.

Scratches or cuts by sharp objects are accidental injuries that hurt deep into the skin and can cause bleeding to the injured person, and it is a very common occupational injury in hospitals. One of the important ways for healthcare workers to contract nosocomial pathogens is to be injured by untreated sharps waste, so we use special sharps boxes to dispose of medical sharps waste. Avoid unnecessary infections and reduce the chance of healthcare workers getting infected by contaminated needles with pathogens. The special needle processing box is convenient, safe, non-toxic, puncture-resistant, non-leakage, easy to burn at high temperature, and cannot be violently destroyed after sealing, which greatly reduces the possibility of nurses being infected.

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