Regulated medical waste Steps

Regulated medical waste Steps

Regulated medical waste Steps

Step 1 segregation

Separating waste type base on guideline that allow regulate waste acceptance policy and local requirements. Our company have specific container for biohazard waste, medical sharps waste container and reusable containers for different areas.

Step2 packaging and labeling

Packaging and labeling the waste base on the guideline requirement set by the government transportation. Packing your box for waste container. Then, marked the boxes by different waste type. Hence, it is easily transportation and incineration.

Step 3 storage

Before your package wants to waste, stored in special facility or place. And set up the schedule for pick up. It depends on local requirement for different medical waste.

Step 4 pick-up and documentation

At your schedule pick up time, DOT drivers and employees will arrive your facility and transport to waste truck. Then, provide new containers.

Step 5 Transportation

Driver transports waste truck to specific area.

Step 6 treatment and disposal.

People who do treatment and disposal waste boxes based on local guideline to incinerate or bury at guideline place.

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