Sharp injuries of medical staff are very common in clinical practice, and nurses are the most serious. Clinical nurses are the most highest-risk occupational group for occupational exposure to hematogenic pathogens, and clinical nurses often need to directly touch contaminated instruments, dressings, blood and body fluids with their hands, and the occurrence of sharp instrument injuries is very common.

On the one hand, there are reasons why the management departments of large medical institutions such as hospitals do not pay attention to it, and on the other hand, there are also reasons why nurses themselves are too weak in their awareness of prevention. Many health care workers have a fluke mentality, believing that they are unlikely to be infected and that contaminated needles may not necessarily puncture their skin. Most medical staff only realize the prevention of contaminated sharps injuries after being stabbed by contaminated sharps at work, and regret that they did not properly dispose of sharp waste before.

Hospital management should establish a standard for the prevention of nosocomial infections, such as: sharp sharps should not be transmitted directly by hand, and frequent transportation should be minimized; Do not break the needle by hand before use or handling; Used needles should be placed in a sharps collection box or container in situ, and the sharps box should not be filled more than the indicated volume. Sharps boxes in common areas should not be placed on the floor, but in a safe place. It is hoped that the safety of every medical staff can be taken seriously to reduce the risk of needle injuries from discarded needles.

In the daily work of the hospital, sharp medical waste should be packed in a special medical waste container, that is, a sharps box. The disposal of medical waste in hospitals is a very important link, and improper handling may cause some accidents. A medical sharps box is a kind of vessel specially used to dispose of sharp medical waste, similar to needles, ampoules, scalpels, scalpels, probes and other damaging wastes can be placed in it to prevent medical staff from being cut by these sharp objects and causing infection. The sharps box can safely recycle the contaminated syringes, needles and other medical waste after injection, and it is also convenient to transport to the medical waste treatment site for unified destruction.

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