Problems with the use of medical waste can facilities

Problems with the use of medical waste can facilities

Many people have been to clinics and hospitals, and I wonder if they have found where nurses throw used syringes after infusion to patients? Medical supplies as a characteristic supply, this time medical trash can plays an important role, medical trash can is a professional storage of medical waste facilities. All the while, medical waste has been neglected by everyone. Nowadays, AI medical treatment is intensifying, and medical technology manufacturers continue to unblock “arterial blood vessels” and continue to drill into the medical “heart”, but ignore the equally important “capillaries”. In specific scenarios, whether it is AI hospital medical treatment or home medical care, these two models are prone to environmental problems such as medical waste and air pollution.

Therefore, in order to truly penetrate AI healthcare, it is time for the giants to set their sights on the mountains of medical waste. The harm caused by trash cans, back to the question posed at the beginning of the article – do you know where nurses throw medical waste? The answer is, trash cans. This is not an unexpected answer, but it is also an overly simplistic answer.

During the field investigation, we found that the small garbage cans used in the hospital were ordinary household garbage cans, and many of them still did not have lids. Larger garbage cans are also common blue or red plastic cans, if they are regular, they will be labeled with garbage classification, and more often there is no clear label on the garbage cans. Even if medical garbage cans are used, some hospitals still have poor use of garbage cans, garbage sorting is not meticulous enough, and even garbage is piled up indiscriminately.

Arbitrary disposal of medical waste, exposing medical waste with blood and drug residues to the air for a long time, increases the possibility of bacterial transmission, and poses a great threat to the physical and mental health and quality of life of medical staff and patients.

What does it really look like to use a medical trash can? China’s medical trash cans are generally divided into medical waste bins, medical waste turnover bins and sharps boxes, and their colors are uniform yellow. If the reader is interested, they can also observe whether the medical staff in the hospital have used such garbage cans.

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