Precautions for the use of Boyue biohazardous waste containers

Precautions for the use of Boyue biohazardous waste containers

Strict adherence to usage requirements will effectively extend the service life of biohazard containers. This article will share some relevant usage knowledge for you, hoping to answer your doubts.

1. Biohazard containers can hold waste multiple times. After proper cleaning, the empty container containing hazardous waste can be used to hold hazardous waste with similar properties to the original packaging, such as empty plastic drums containing hydrochloric acid can be used to hold other waste acids.

2. Treatment before discarding: The container storing the waste liquid must be cleaned before discarding.

3. The collection container of hazardous waste can only collect hazardous waste, and cannot be converted to other purposes. Before being used for collection and storage of another hazardous waste, it must be decontaminated and inspected before it can be packed and used.

4. Storage of containers: The containers for collecting hazardous waste in the laboratory should be stored in a special hazardous waste storage room or a specific area in the room that meets the safety and environmental protection requirements; High temperature, sun, rain, away from fire, heat and household garbage should be avoided. Collection containers for incompatible wastes (wastes capable of reaction) should also not be mixed together.

5. Liquid and semi-solid hazardous wastes must be packed in packaging containers; Solid hazardous waste can be collected in packaging containers or bags;

6. The container for collecting liquid hazardous waste should be filled with a container (barrel or tank) with a liquid filling hole on the top of the lid that cannot be lifted/sealed. Plastic drum cans or steel drum cans are common packaging containers.

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