Precautions for Medical Waste Disposal

Precautions for Medical Waste Disposal

Hospitals generate a large amount of medical waste every day, which is different from daily waste and may carry a large amount of disease-causing viruses, so it needs special treatment. Extra care is also required when handling to avoid contamination and injury.

1.Before containing medical waste, the medical waste packaging or container should be carefully inspected to ensure that there is no damage, leakage or other defects;

2.Infectious waste, pathological waste, damaging waste, pharmaceutical waste and chemical waste cannot be collected together. A small amount of pharmaceutical waste can be mixed with infectious waste, but it should be stated on the label;

3.High-hazard wastes such as culture medium, specimens, strains, and virus seed preservation solutions of pathogens in medical wastes should first be subjected to pressure steam sterilization or chemical disinfection treatment at the place of production, and then collected and disposed of as infectious wastes;

4.When the medical waste contained reaches 3/4 of the package or container, an effective sealing method should be used to make the package or container seal tightly and tightly.

5.When the outer surface of the package or container is contaminated with infectious waste, the contaminated area shall be disinfected or a layer of packaging shall be added.

6. There should be warning signs on the outer surface of each package and container containing medical waste, and each package and container should have a Chinese label. The content of the Chinese label should include: medical waste generating unit, date of production, category and needs special instructions, etc.

Common mistakes in handling medical waste include:

1. Put the glass ampoule directly into the medical waste packaging bag
2. Scattered medical wastes appear at temporary storage sites for medical wastes
3. Collect medical waste without using special color-changing medical waste packaging bags

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