Paper sharps boxes and medical waste disposal requirements

Paper sharps boxes and medical waste disposal requirements

At present, sharps boxes are famous for promoting hospital infection control, it can be said that basically all medical institutions are already using sharps boxes, but the material of sharps boxes in the initial period is paper, and now paper sharps boxes have been completely eliminated, why? Boyue answers your doubts today.

First of all, the material of the carton is paper, as we all know, the paper of the paper box is easy to break, easy to break, easy to wet, secondly, the process of the carton is to open the box, which needs to be used in combination with the packaging bag. From the above two points, the carton can not achieve durability and no leakage, not to mention heat resistance and cold resistance, the product needs to be folded before use, the sharps box can not be completely closed after use, it can be easily destroyed from the outside, to a large extent there is no safety, and the incineration of medical waste after treatment will also cause pollution.

Boyue sharpware box uses high-quality polypropylene plastic to make sharpware box, which ensures the quality of the product, does not contain pPVC, has the advantages of non-toxic, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, puncture-resistant, shock-resistant, non-leakage, easy to burn, etc., the product is convenient to use, safe, and can not be opened normally after sealing.

The main purpose of sharps boxes is to avoid infection, eliminate unsafe injections and prevent the reuse of sharps, stipulating that medical waste disposal units must be recycled within 24 hours, and sharps boxes must be safely incinerated within 48 hours. If the opening of the sharps box is small, when there are more sharps in the curved disk, the dumping is too fast, often so that the sharps accumulate on the box cover or splash to the ground, causing recontamination, not a small will also cause needle prick injuries, some nurses often because of careless operation, safety protection awareness is not strong, once the patient conceals the condition, the needle contaminated by the unknowing virus the skin, can not be treated in time, seriously endangers life safety, regret is too late.

Those who dispose of medical waste on their own shall meet the following basic requirements:
1. After use, disposable medical instruments and boxes and medical waste that are easy to cause damage shall be disinfected and disfigured.
2. If it can be incinerated, it should be burned in time, and areas with conditions should use existing hazardous waste incinerators, domestic waste incinerators, and cement kilns to make up for the shortcomings of medical waste emergency disposal capacity.
3. If it cannot be incinerated, it will be buried in a centralized manner after disinfection.

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