What factors can cause medical sharps injury

Medical sharps injury is a common phenomenon in the medical system, in clinical work, there are two major categories of work behaviors that lead to nurses’ sharp injuries, one is closely related to the daily treatment and care of patients, accounting for 40% of the causes of sharp injuries, of which blood drawing, intravenous injection, intramuscular injection, injecting the patient’s blood or body fluid samples from the syringe into the specimen container accounts for 19%. The other category is behaviors

Medical sharps injury and Boyue sharps box

Medical sharp injuries are one of the most common occupational injuries in nursing work, and a variety of blood-borne diseases can be transmitted through this route, and since McCormick et al. first reported the harm of needlestick injuries to medical personnel in 1981, a large number of relevant studies have been carried out internationally. Nurses are at high risk of developing medical sharps injuries and blood-borne diseases. The survey found that 87.5% of nurses had experienced sharp injuries. The incidence

The selection criteria of sharps boxes and the precautions for the use of Boyue sharps boxes

For the disposal of medical waste, sharps boxes are crucial. Sharps boxes can not only effectively reduce the probability of medical staff being stabbed, but also avoid biological contamination and effectively prevent safety accidents. The selection of sharps boxes is very important, and in general, the following points need to be paid attention to: 1. According to the sharps used in medical care operations, select a sharps box of suitable size, and the sharps can be put in completely. 2.

Do you know the trivia of medical turnover boxes?

Medical turnover boxes are special containers for sealing medical waste and are also commonly used in hospitals. It is mainly used for temporary storage when transporting medical waste by medical waste transport vehicles and moving medical waste in medical institutions. The box cover is equipped with a sealing groove, and the whole assembly is closed, which can avoid the leakage of liquid in the box and pollute the car and the external environment. Below Boyue will focus on answering a

Treatment of sharps waste, medical sharps and biohazard waste in medical institutions

Medical institutions generate a large amount of medical waste every day, and the correct disposal of medical waste is not only related to environmental issues, but also closely related to people’s health, especially in the face of the new coronavirus ravaging the world, medical safety is a top priority. Weak environmental awareness and a lack of understanding of medical waste can lead to serious consequences. The treatment of medical waste requires strict adherence to the following process: 1. Medical personnel

Can Boyue Medical Sharps Box be reused permanently?

Can Boyue Medical Sharps Box be used permanently? Before answering this question, we need to clarify a common sense message, that is: the sharps box is a medical storage box used to collect syringes, small glass products, blades, suture needles and other sharp instruments. All sharps boxes are single-use items! Therefore, no sharp weapon box can be reused forever, for the sake of your life and health, it is best to recycle and dispose of it uniformly, and never try

The main purpose and classification of boyue medical waste turnover barrels

In the 21st century, with the improvement of everyone’s living standards, there are more and more domestic waste disposal, so garbage classification and recycling seems to be very important, especially harmful to people’s physical and mental health, so the waste purchase of hospital outpatient waste has become a part of attention, and garbage classification and recycling acquisition is also very important: 1. According to the type of medical waste, infectious waste and harmful waste are respectively placed in a closed

What are the principles of medical waste resolution?

In hospitals, we generate a lot of medical waste every day, and generally this medical waste is put into the medical waste trash can for disposal. When solving medical waste, there are also certain treatment principles, today with Boyue company to understand how the medical waste solution standards are, right? 1. It is forbidden to place medical waste in the disposal of domestic waste. 2. Before putting medical waste, the packaging or container of medical waste should be carefully inspected

Sharp medical waste containers

Sharp injuries of medical staff are very common in clinical practice, and nurses are the most serious. Clinical nurses are the most highest-risk occupational group for occupational exposure to hematogenic pathogens, and clinical nurses often need to directly touch contaminated instruments, dressings, blood and body fluids with their hands, and the occurrence of sharp instrument injuries is very common. On the one hand, there are reasons why the management departments of large medical institutions such as hospitals do not pay

A good helper for the treatment of medical sharps – sharps box

Damaging waste, also known as medical sharps waste, refers to discarded medical sharps that can stab or cut the human body. It can be roughly divided into the following three categories: First, discarded metal sharps, such as medical needles, suture needles, acupuncture needles, probes, piercing needles and various guidewires, steel nails, surgical saws, etc. Second, discarded glass sharps, such as coverslips, slides, glass ampoules, broken glass test tubes. Third, discarded other materials of sharps, such as disposable tweezers, disposable probes,

Correct handling of used syringe needles

In modern society, we pay more and more attention to the treatment of medical waste, and medical institutions will produce a lot of medical waste in the process of medical treatment, which needs to be properly treated. Disposable syringes are one of the most commonly used medical devices, for patients used disposable infusion needles, injection needles and lancets, etc., improper handling is likely to cause serious consequences, let’s take a look at how to discard syringe needles should be disposed

Can repeated use of needles cause HIV infection?

AIDS is a very harmful infectious disease, caused by infection with HIV, a virus that attacks the body’s immune system. It takes the most important CD4T lymphocytes in the human immune system as the main target of attack, destroys the cells in large quantities, and makes the human body lose immune function. The transmission of AIDS is generally sexually transmitted, and direct contact with the blood, semen and milk of AIDS patients can be infected with AIDS. Do not reuse

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