Procurement criteria for medical waste containers and biohazard containers

There are three main types of special packaging and containers for medical institutions: special packaging bags, sharps boxes and turnover boxes (barrels). Medical facilities should use medical waste packaging and containers that meet the standards, which will vary from country to country, but in general, the following standards need to be met. 1. Special packaging bags for medical waste Medical waste special packaging bags are used to hold primary packaging of medical waste other than damaging and are single-use items.

Medical needles and sharp instruments should not be discarded

With the continuous development of the world economy, people’s awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger, and garbage sorting can help us recycle recyclable items, reduce resource waste, and thus protect the environment. However, in some places, garbage classification is still not detailed enough, focusing on hazardous waste. Hazardous waste is the most dangerous type of waste, usually refers to waste batteries, waste drugs and other domestic waste that causes direct or potential harm to human health or

The current status of sharps boxes and the problems

Sharp injuries are common occupational injuries in hospitals and an important way for healthcare workers to be infected with bloodborne pathogens. Contaminated needlestick injuries and other sharp injuries are important causes of bloodborne infections in healthcare workers. According to statistics, 35 million medical workers in the world, about 3 million people are injured by sharp weapons every year, of which the most damaged are nursing staff, and 34% of sharp injuries are preventable. Many international organizations or countries, including the

Anatomy of Boyue sharps box use

Sharps boxes, also called sharps boxes, are used to hold needles for disposable items such as syringes and infusion sets, all kinds of blades, scalp needles, suture needles, ampoules, small glasses and other sharp instruments, collect whole syringes with blood or blood transfusion sets, blood bags and other medical equipment that come into contact with blood, and other medical dangerous infectious items that are put into sharps boxes. Nurses are no strangers to the use of sharps boxes, but do

Problems with the use of medical waste can facilities

Many people have been to clinics and hospitals, and I wonder if they have found where nurses throw used syringes after infusion to patients? Medical supplies as a characteristic supply, this time medical trash can plays an important role, medical trash can is a professional storage of medical waste facilities. All the while, medical waste has been neglected by everyone. Nowadays, AI medical treatment is intensifying, and medical technology manufacturers continue to unblock “arterial blood vessels” and continue to drill

Do you know the key points of use of Boyue sharp box device?

As a medical waste storage device, many small partners may not know this product, and its overall material is a hard material, which can play a role in preventing puncture injuries and not spilling. Once sealed, it cannot be opened again without breaking; The overall color of the sharps box is the light yellow required by Y06 in GB/T 3181. “Warning!” is clearly printed on the side of the sharp (sharp) box. Damaging waste” warning sign. Proper use of the

Infectious waste and sharps waste disposal for emergency rescue

The management of medical waste is to effectively prevent and control its harm to human health and the environment, eliminate environmental hidden dangers, and ensure environmental safety. Poor management of medical waste can lead to infection and contagion of diseases. Medical waste refers to waste with direct or indirect infectious, toxic and other hazards produced by medical and health institutions in medical, preventive, health care and other related activities. Medical waste includes five categories: infectious waste, injury waste, pharmaceutical waste,

Boyue Biohazard Container effectively helps you dispose of biological laboratory waste

In the laboratory, the final disposal of waste is closely related to how its contamination is removed. For everyday items, very few contaminated materials need to actually be removed from the lab or destroyed. Most glassware, instruments, and lab coats can be reused or reused. The first principle of waste disposal is that all infectious materials must be decontaminated in the laboratory, autoclaved or incinerated. The main issues to be considered before discarding all laboratory items used to handle potentially

Paper sharps boxes and medical waste disposal requirements

At present, sharps boxes are famous for promoting hospital infection control, it can be said that basically all medical institutions are already using sharps boxes, but the material of sharps boxes in the initial period is paper, and now paper sharps boxes have been completely eliminated, why? Boyue answers your doubts today. First of all, the material of the carton is paper, as we all know, the paper of the paper box is easy to break, easy to break, easy

Sharps box purchase precautions and disinfection methods

1. Precautions for purchasing When choosing a sharps box, it is recommended to choose products produced by professional regular sharps box manufacturers, which will have a better guarantee for the use of functions, and can play a better advantage in the actual application process, so that the quality of the product is more secure, and the natural service life will be extended. Sharps box is a container used by medical institutions to collect medical sharps waste, such as various used

Introduction to the use process of Boyue sharp box

Sharps boxes are no strangers to everyone, mainly used in hospitals to collect syringes, small glass products, blades, suture needles and other sharp instruments, etc., so when using sharps boxes, what is its use process? 1. Install the sharps box: connect the box body with the box cover and press down to install it as a whole, 2. The red rotating disc on the left and right rotating top cover can open or close the sharps box, counterclockwise rotation is

Cleaning and disinfection process of Boyue medical trash cans and sharps boxes

The medical waste cans produced by Boyue Company are reliable to use, easy to replace and individually updated, safe and convenient, and have a long life. The performance characteristics of the new foot trash can can be opened with one foot, and the lid of the trash can be opened greater than 90° and positioned, which adapts to the release of medical waste at the peak of the department’s work pedal closure while facilitating the disposal of waste, completely avoiding

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