Introduction To Biohazard Waste Bins

According to the “Medical Waste Classification Catalogue”, the medical waste is timely discarded in the packaging bag or sharp tool box that complies with the “Provisions on Special Packaging, Containers and Warning Labels for Medical Waste”, and the waste disposal of medical and health units should strictly follow the “Medical Waste Management Regulations”, and use standardized medical waste packaging containers and warning marks. The biohazard waste bucket is used to store a variety of solid tangibles and liquids discarded after

Preventing biohazards is our responsibility

In previous articles, we have talked about biohazards. Medical supplies can easily cause biohazards if they are not handled properly, and also pose a great threat to human health. Corresponding to biohazard is biosafety, which refers to the strictness of biosafety protection measures required to isolate “pathogens” in a closed experimental environment. Generally, biosafety is divided into four levels. The higher the level, the higher the degree of harm, and more attention and protection should be paid. 1. Biosafety Level

Characteristics of medical waste containers

In the last issue, we explained the necessity of correctly disposing of medical waste for everyone, I believe that everyone has some understanding of medical waste, then in today’s article, we will introduce to you is Boyue company’s medical waste turnover box series products, as the name suggests, it is used to collect medical waste turnover box, but also a special hard container containing sealed medical waste. The container is used for medical waste delivery vehicles to send medical waste,

Use of Disposable Needles

Can medical needles be reused? Most people answer this question firmly of course not, but there are always a small number of people who are lucky, or are skeptical that medical institutions are using all unused single-use needles for patients. Let’s take a look at this problem today. First of all, we must be clear that medical needles cannot be reused. This is absolutely prohibited. The needles used for the second time are likely to cause biological pollution or the

The importance of proper disposal of medical waste

With the covid-19 pandemic around the world, Boyue called for greater attention to be paid to the disposal of biohazard waste. Of course, attention should also be paid to the selection of the container of medical devices. Because the company is a professional engaged in R&D, production and sales of medical sharp containers, needle cabinets, surgical instruments, respiratory training equipment of the science and technology environmental protection enterprises. So using our expertise, today we’re sharing with you the importance of

Correct handling of medical sharps

Medical and health institutions produce a large amount of medical waste every day. Strictly speaking, medical waste refers to wastes with direct or indirect infection, toxicity or other hazards generated by medical and health institutions in medical treatment, prevention, health care and other related activities. With the continuous development of medical science, the generation and management of medical waste and its harm to society have become a problem that cannot be ignored. Used medical sharps are a type of medical

Biohazard Waste Disposal

The so-called biomedical waste refers to the waste generated by medical and health institutions in the process of diagnosis, treatment and sanitation, and the excrement and garbage generated in the life of patients. These wastes may be contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms and may also be harmful to the public. health hazard. Since the end of the 20th century, modern biotechnology and related industries have developed rapidly, and have been widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, environmental protection and other

  The Use and Precautions of Sharps Box

The sharp tool box is a tool that clinical nurses must use every day. You may think that this small sharp tool box is nothing, but this small sharp tool box does contain a lot of knowledge. Today we will take a look at how to use the sharp tool box and pay attention to it. matter. How to use the sharps box: Install the sharp tool box: Press down the box body and the box cover to install as

Disposal of Waste Insulin Needles

Diabetes is a lifelong metabolic disease, and insulin injection and blood glucose monitoring are extremely important components of comprehensive diabetes treatment. With the widespread use of insulin, diabetic patients are increasingly accepting insulin injections at home and self-monitoring blood sugar, and the resulting infectious and damaging wastes are also increasing. It has been reported that each insulin-injected patient uses a single-use injection device 2 to 3 times a day and discards 60 to 90 discarded syringe needles per month. The

Treatment of Pathological Waste and Other Medical Waste

In the previous two articles, we have learned the classification and treatment of infectious waste, damaging waste, pharmaceutical waste, and chemical waste. Today, we will share the treatment of two other types of medical waste, which are pathological waste and medical waste. Non-medical waste. Pathological Waste Human waste and medical laboratory animal carcasses generated in the process of diagnosis and treatment. Abandoned human tissues, organs, etc. generated during surgery and other diagnosis and treatment processes. Tissues and corpses of medical

Infectious and Chemical Waste Disposal Methods

In the previous article, we shared the treatment methods of damaging waste and pharmaceutical waste. Today I have sorted out infectious waste disposal and chemical waste disposal for you.I hope that it can be of some help to everyone in the treatment of medical waste. Infectious Waste Disposal Medical waste carrying pathogenic microorganisms has the risk of causing the spread of infectious diseases.Wastes of plastic, rubber, cotton, fibers and other materials contaminated with blood, body fluids, infectious excreta of patients.

Methods of Disposal of Sharps Waste and Pharmaceutical Waste

The medical waste disposal is often considered to have no technical content, but it directly affects our living environment. Only by strictly handling every detail can we truly and effectively prevent the spread of pathogenic microorganisms and avoid environmental pollution.   So how to deal with it specifically? We have sorted it out for you as follows: Medical waste includes five categories: infectious waste, sharps waste, pharmaceutical waste, chemical waste, and pathological waste. Today we share with you the disposal methods

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