Reasonable selection of syringe needle disposal specifications and models

In the process of communicating with customers, Boyue found that when some customers purchased medical storage and processing containers, they did not know much about the specifications and models of the containers, and they did not know what the specifications they needed to purchase. In response to this, we have a service project of sending samples for customers to observe, which can better help customers select products from various aspects. We recommend that you choose a specification that is more

Boyue Medical Sharps Waste Storage

The management of medical waste is often considered to have no technical content, but it directly affects our living environment. Only by strictly handling every detail can we truly and effectively prevent the spread of pathogenic microorganisms, prevent secondary infection, and avoid pollution to the environment. Medical waste mainly includes five categories, namely infectious waste, pathological waste, damaging waste, pharmaceutical waste and chemical waste. The damaged waste refers to the discarded medical sharps that stab or cut the human body.

Boyue extend the service life of medical waste containers

The use of trash cans in the medical industry is relatively large, and the appearance of different wastes also requires different trash cans for classification, indicating that there are relatively many types of medical wastes, which increases the difficulty of storage. The requirements of all aspects of the barrel are more stringent, especially in the aspect of prolonging the service life. Boyue’s product performance is excellent enough, and the product shape and user experience are enough to show the process

Advantages of sharps box disposal from Boyue

Boyue is a medical technology enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of medical sharps containers, needle counters, medical pill boxes, surgical instruments and breathing exercisers. Boyue has the ability to provide complete sets of equipment for OEM&ODM medical products, medical waste sharps containers and services, from design, molding, production testing, inspection and final packaging one-stop service. Today, I will mainly introduce to you the sharps box, the product that Boyue is selling. What can a sharps box be used

Syring disposal container and collection of medical wastes

At present, under the invasion of various epidemic diseases (monkeypox, new coronary pneumonia, etc.), people from all over the world are in full swing with the global vaccination of all people, and the consumption of single-use syringes is huge. So, how to properly dispose of used syringes? Bo Yue is here to share with you. The syringe is usually divided into three parts, the needle, the needle tube, and the core rod, but you may not know that some of

Reliable supplier for the production of sharps container

Everyone has a lot of exposure to the medical field. As the “logistics” industry behind the medical industry, medical waste treatment is not well understood. Medical waste treatment is a very necessary thing, and if it is not handled properly, it may cause many serious consequences. In the processing link, recycling is particularly important, and the quality requirements of the processing containers required for recycling medical waste are also very high. Here I recommend everyone to pay attention to the

What is the difference between medical sharps waste disposal and domestic sharps disposal

The same is sharp, what is the difference between medical sharps and glass fragments and other sharps that are common in life? Many people think that the two are the same sharps, and there is no difference in the way they are handled. This kind of thinking is obviously wrong. In fact, medical sharps are completely different from life sharps, and process standards must be strictly followed during the handling process, otherwise serious biological hazards may be caused. First, we

Treatment methods of different medical wastes

Knowing that used medical items are handled specifically, you may not know that each part of them is handled differently. Disposal of needles All used needles, surgical blades, etc. must be placed in a box specially designed to collect sharps, and the box should be placed in the drug storage area. For the disposable infusion needles, injection needles and blood collection needles used by patients, the commonly used treatment method in the past is to place them in a fixed

Collection and disposal of medical waste

Medical waste is very different from ordinary domestic waste. If it is not handled properly, it may not only pollute the environment, but also cause harm to human health. If you look up relevant cases online, you will be shocked by the huge social harm caused by medical waste. Therefore, in the face of medical waste, we should pay more attention and strictly follow the regulations to collect and dispose of medical waste. Here are some things you need to

The role of biohazardous waste barrels

In your daily life, you may be curious about how to handle the used needle. Especially in recent years, because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we conduct super-massive nucleic acid tests every once in a while to ensure our health. Where will the cotton swabs that collect the cells and the red liquid with the swab head end up? According to the catalogue of medical waste classification, timely the medical waste classification discarded in accordance with the medical waste special

Proper disposal of used syringes

At present, affected by the epidemic, national vaccination is in full swing, and the consumption of single-use syringes is huge. So, how to properly dispose of used syringes? First, we need to understand the components of a syringe, which usually consists of three parts: the needle, the barrel and the core. The needle tube and core rod of a disposable syringe are usually plastic, the core rod has a rubber stopper, and the needle is plastic and metal. Different from

Methods of preventing medical sharps injuries

If you have worked in a medical institution, you will find that the staff of the medical institution often come into contact with medical sharps. Although the staff are very careful, many people are stabbed by medical sharps every year. Professional medical workers are still So, not to mention some patients who use medical sharps in private. Don’t worry too much, if you strictly abide by the following “six prohibitions and three operations” principles, the use of medical sharps will

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