Methods of preventing medical sharps injuries

Methods of preventing medical sharps injuries

If you have worked in a medical institution, you will find that the staff of the medical institution often come into contact with medical sharps. Although the staff are very careful, many people are stabbed by medical sharps every year. Professional medical workers are still So, not to mention some patients who use medical sharps in private. Don’t worry too much, if you strictly abide by the following “six prohibitions and three operations” principles, the use of medical sharps will be much safer.

1. “Six Prohibitions”:
(1) It is forbidden to return the needle cap with both hands.
(2) It is forbidden to pass sharp weapons by hand.
(3) Direct contact with needles or sharp objects is prohibited.
(4) It is forbidden to discard sharps at will, and put them into the sharps box at any time.
(5) It is forbidden to grab medical waste directly by hand.
(6) It is forbidden to squeeze medical waste by hand.

2. “Three operations”:
(1) Ensure sufficient light and spacious space during operation.
(2) Take it easy when operating.
(3) Use sharps with safety protection devices as much as possible during operation. The infusion set should be cut short, more than ten centimeters in length.

In addition to strictly adhering to the above guidelines, you’d better have an item —– a sharps box – a container designed for medical sharps. When using a sharps box, you also need to pay attention to the following points:

1. The sharps box is assembled correctly and the cover is tight.
2. The sharps box should be placed in a conspicuous position as close to the workplace as possible to facilitate safe use.
3. The sharps box is placed in a position where the nursing staff can easily reach it, and it does not need to be put in after secondary sorting.
4. The removable sharps box should be placed at the waist-high position.
5. The sharps box should not be placed on the bottom of the working car. The nurse bends over to put the sharps, and the line of sight is blocked, which is very easy to cause stab wounds during the insertion process.
6. After the nursing staff completes the operation, the sharps are directly put into the sharps box. The shorter the interval between the completion of the operation and the placing in the sharps box, the more effectively avoid needle stick injuries.
7. The sharps box should not be placed on the ground, on the surface of a higher object, or within the reach of children and unconscious patients.
8. If it is a sharps box installed in the patient’s room, the height from the ground to the opening of the sharps box should be 132-142cm.

Another thing you need to pay attention to: sharps boxes should be sealed as soon as they have been used for 48 hours, whether there is only one needle in the container or it is 3/4 full. This is because the various sharps in the sharps box, that is, the damaging medical waste, are contaminated with contaminants such as the patient’s blood and body fluids. These pollutants contain “high protein and high nutrients”. This sharps box is an excellent medium for the reproduction of offspring that bacteria love very much. With the prolonged use of the sharps box, a large number of bacteria will breed, endangering patients and medical staff. health of personnel.

When the sharps box is sealed, rotate the red rotating disc on the top cover to lock the sharps injection port. Common mistakes in the use of sharps in clinic are: during use, the lid and the box body are not pressed into a whole, thus losing the function of the sharps box to prevent needle stick injuries.
According to the relevant regulations, when the medical waste contained reaches 3/4 of the packaging or container, an effective sealing method should be used to make the packaging or container tightly sealed. In actual work, if it is not easy to see the actual sharps container from outside the sharps box, you can draw a 3/4 volume line on the outside of the sharps box when the sharps box is activated. There should be warning signs on the outer surface of each package and container containing medical waste. This shows that the sharps box is marked with the opening date when it is opened, which not only meets the relevant requirements, but also facilitates management, and avoids possible pollution caused by marking it when sealing. and so on.

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