Methods of Disposal of Sharps Waste and Pharmaceutical Waste

Methods of Disposal of Sharps Waste and Pharmaceutical Waste

The medical waste disposal is often considered to have no technical content, but it directly affects our living environment. Only by strictly handling every detail can we truly and effectively prevent the spread of pathogenic microorganisms and avoid environmental pollution.


So how to deal with it specifically? We have sorted it out for you as follows:

Medical waste includes five categories: infectious waste, sharps waste, pharmaceutical waste, chemical waste, and pathological waste. Today we share with you the disposal methods of damaging waste and pharmaceutical waste.


Damaging Waste

Discarded medical sharps that can stab or cut the human body.

Discarded metal sharps, such as medical needles, suture needles, acupuncture needles, probes, puncture needles and various guide wires, steel nails, surgical saws, etc.

Discarded glass sharps such as coverslips, glass slides, glass ampoules, broken glass test tubes.

Discarded sharps of other materials, such as disposable tweezers, disposable probes, disposable plastic pipette tips, etc.


The right way to collect

Put directly into the yellow medical sharps box. Note: Choose a sharps box of suitable size, fill it with 3/4 and seal it for transport.


Drug waste

Expired, obsolete, spoiled or contaminated waste medicines.

  1. General drugs discarded in batches, such as antibiotics, non-prescription drugs, etc.
  2. Abandoned cytotoxic and genotoxic drugs, including: carcinogenic drugs, suspected carcinogenic drugs, immunosuppressants.
  3. Abandoned vaccines, blood products, etc.


The right way to collect

Batches of expired, obsolete, deteriorated or contaminated waste drugs should be collected and registered by the Department of Pharmacy and returned to the manufacturer or handed over to the hazardous waste disposal agency for disposal.


A small amount of pharmaceutical waste, including discarded cytotoxic and genotoxic medicines, can be directly put into medical waste bags and medical trash cans for infectious waste, but it should be indicated on the label.


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