Medical sharps injury and Boyue sharps box

Medical sharps injury and Boyue sharps box

Medical sharp injuries are one of the most common occupational injuries in nursing work, and a variety of blood-borne diseases can be transmitted through this route, and since McCormick et al. first reported the harm of needlestick injuries to medical personnel in 1981, a large number of relevant studies have been carried out internationally. Nurses are at high risk of developing medical sharps injuries and blood-borne diseases. The survey found that 87.5% of nurses had experienced sharp injuries. The incidence of sharps injuries in developing countries is higher than in Europe and the United States, and is associated with needle reuse and lack of research on sharps injuries in developing countries. The risk of bloodborne infections from occupational exposure to needlestick injuries is also becoming increasingly serious, and the harm of bloodborne diseases caused by sharp injuries is a growing concern.

1. Medical sharps injury

A sharp injury is an accidental injury that causes bleeding of the skin caused by needles and all other sharp objects (such as splinters) during working hours. The main instruments that cause sharp injuries include scalp needles, infusion set needles, blood drawing needles, and ampoules, of which hollow needles account for 79%. More than 20 pathogens have been confirmed to be transmitted through contact with sharp wounds. Among them, the common and most threatening infectious diseases are hepatitis B, hepatitis C and AIDS, the probability of HIV infection after being pricked by contaminated needles is 0.3%, the probability of HBV infection is 6%~30%, and the probability of HCV infection is 1.8%.

It is worth noting that another hazard of sharp injuries is the psychological impact on the injured person, which can be severe and long-lasting, especially acute injuries caused by blood contamination in HIV-infected patients, which causes severe or moderate pessimism in most injured people, and the uncertainty about the patient’s infection status can also increase the psychological pressure on medical staff. There is currently a lack of effective treatment for these diseases. Once infected, it means that life, work, family and other changes and even survival become problems, and it may also be unconsciously transmitted to the surrounding relatives and bring misfortune to others.

Preventing sharps injuries requires a variety of aspects, and the most important point is to use sharps boxes wisely. The sharps box is a medical container used to collect and preserve used medical waste, and the medical sharps used can be put into the sharps box in time to effectively prevent the occurrence of stab accidents.

2、choose a suitable sharps box: such as Boyue

Choosing a medical sharps box is a matter that requires special attention, and my recommendation is the Boyue sharps box. Boyue is a specialized green tea medical container institution Oh, with a large scale of modern workshop and precision testing equipment, can meet the fast and efficient production, product quality is guaranteed. In addition, the company has a perfect and meticulous personnel team, covering R&D design, production management, operational reasoning and other fields, to ensure that customers can cooperate worry-free.

Boyue always adheres to the production concept of quality first and service first, so it strictly controls the production process and attaches importance to the use experience of customers. The Boyue Sharp Box has powerful puncture and leakage prevention functions to meet daily safety needs. In addition, the benefits of mass production are that there are many types of products and the price of products is affordable.

Boyue production can produce a variety of specifications and sizes of sharps box, can also be customized according to the needs of customers related products, and the product price is affordable, if the bulk purchase of the price will be more favorable, the specific matters need you to call or email to contact our staff, we will give you the most satisfactory answer in the fastest time.

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