Introduction to the use process of Boyue sharp box

Introduction to the use process of Boyue sharp box

Sharps boxes are no strangers to everyone, mainly used in hospitals to collect syringes, small glass products, blades, suture needles and other sharp instruments, etc., so when using sharps boxes, what is its use process?

1. Install the sharps box: connect the box body with the box cover and press down to install it as a whole,
2. The red rotating disc on the left and right rotating top cover can open or close the sharps box, counterclockwise rotation is to open, clockwise rotation is closed.
3. Collection of syringe needles: stick the needle into the teardrop-shaped hole, jam at the interface between the syringe nipple and the needle, gently press the syringe barrel outward, and the syringe needle will automatically fall into the sharps box.
4, the sharps part of the infusion device collection: hold the hose of the infusion set, extend the sharps part into the large opening of the top cover, cut it with scissors, and the sharp part will fall into the sharps box, pay attention to the fingers not close to the large opening of the top cover, so as not to be pricked by the inverted needle.
5. Sharp instruments such as blades or glass, as well as syringes for blood transfusion, infusion sets and other blood-bearing contaminated items can be directly put into the large hole at the top.
6. When the sharp box is filled to 70% of the volume, the sharp box should be closed: rotate the red rotating disc on the top cover clockwise, and after hearing the “cluck” sound, press firmly on the of the red top cover, and the sharp box will be safely locked.
7. It will be collected by a special person within 48 hours, placed in the hospital’s medical waste staging room and locked, and within 48 hours, the medical waste disposal center will take it back to the center for centralized disposal according to the agreement.

In hospitals, there are many types of medical equipment cities, and different instruments have different functions. The sharps box produced by Boyue is the preferred choice of many hospitals. Boyue sharps box has good stability, convenient for the neat placement of the workbench, the working mouth is ultra-wide and ultra-long design, very suitable for collecting disposable dental appliances, the whole sharps box is made of hard material, once the sharps are sealed, it cannot be opened again without damage.

Boyue Sharp box is made of PVC-free hard plastic, with puncture resistance, no leakage, not easy to break, easy to burn, the whole of the box is yellow, the side of the box is marked “damaging waste”, and printed with “medical waste warning logo”.

Boyue company is specialized in the design, production and sales of medical waste containers of science and technology environmental protection units, in addition to the design and production of sharp instrument boxes, turnover boxes, medical garbage bags according to the requirements of relevant legal health, but also around the world to promote the concept of standardized medical waste use, many opinions have been adopted by local health administrative departments.

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