Introduction To Biohazard Waste Bins

Introduction To Biohazard Waste Bins

According to the “Medical Waste Classification Catalogue”, the medical waste is timely discarded in the packaging bag or sharp tool box that complies with the “Provisions on Special Packaging, Containers and Warning Labels for Medical Waste”, and the waste disposal of medical and health units should strictly follow the “Medical Waste Management Regulations”, and use standardized medical waste packaging containers and warning marks. The biohazard waste bucket is used to store a variety of solid tangibles and liquids discarded after clinical use, and the general biohazard waste is mainly based on the patient’s blood, body fluids and secretions. So as long as it involves medical work, the release of biohazard waste bins is necessary, and today I will introduce you to a biohazard waste bin produced by Boyue dedicated to medical treatment.

The models of this product are very complete, with 15L, 20L, 30L, 40L, 50L, 60L specifications, which can meet the use of various scenarios. The closure method is a sealing belt lid structure, the barrel lid is thickened, the sealing is very good, and it can effectively prevent the odor of germs from emitting.

The bottom of the barrel adopts a pedal design, which is opened as soon as you step on it, without bending down, and without touching the barrel body, which is convenient and hygienic. In addition, at the bottom of the barrel, BoYue also carefully made a reinforcement design, which is used to prevent slippage and is also super wear-resistant. The material of the barrel is composed of environmentally friendly polypropylene material, which is non-toxic, flexible and anti-fall. The barrel body is mainly made of yellow, which is very eye-catching, and the standard logo on it can make people see at a glance what it is loaded. Some specifications also use a step-free top cover design, which can be very free of hands and feet, and is more convenient and safe than the foot model. The waste biomedical barrel produced by Boyue is also very smooth inside, so that the cleaning work is much more convenient. In addition to this, they are also FDA certified, so you can buy with confidence.

Today’s introduction to biohazard waste barrels is here, thank you for reading, if you need to buy, please visit the official website of Boyue to contact us, we will reply to you as soon as possible.



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