Installation method of medical waste container produced by Boyue

Installation method of medical waste container produced by Boyue

Everyone has a certain understanding of medical waste, medical institutions will produce a large amount of medical waste every day, such as cotton swabs, needles, glass bottles, mask infusion tubes, etc., the treatment of medical waste needs to use special medical waste containers, different color containers are used to hold different garbage, medical waste containers are generally bright yellow, and the surface of the container is printed with obvious biohazard labels. So how to install medical waste cans?

Medical waste can is used to store all kinds of solid and liquid waste discarded after clinical use in the hospital, there are special medical waste cans of different specifications in the hospital, we need to follow the following steps when installing medical waste cans:

1. First prepare a small hammer, a pair of gloves, chalk, an electric drill, and a screwdriver. However, there are many friends here who do not know what chalk is used for, chalk is used for fixed points, and then the packaged trash can is disassembled, find the installation part of the accessory expansion screw and the bottom expansion screw, generally 4 places where the expansion screw is beaten, place it on the cement floor, use a small hammer to drive the expansion screw into the cement floor, fix it well, which can enhance stability and anti-theft.

2. Be sure to add the gasket when installing, be sure to fix the trash can on the cement floor, and fix each part, do not fix only one position.

3. Finally, you need to spread a disposable garbage bag in the medical waste can. Under normal circumstances, the storage time of medical waste should not exceed 48 hours, and the storage time will increase the risk of biological contamination if the storage time is too long. At the same time, garbage bags and trash cans should not exceed 3/4 full. If the trash can is accidentally full, immediately disinfect and clean it and reload it into a new trash can for sealing, the same two cans cannot be more than 3/4 full.

As a company specializing in the production of medical containers, Boyue has accumulated more than ten years of production experience in this field, over the years, Boyue has always adhered to the concept of quality first, always put product quality first, to ensure that every customer can receive damage-free products. Medical safety is related to life safety, we should pay attention to every detail, Boyue has been committed to protecting the safety of medical staff.

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