How to collect biohazard waste with Boyue’s medical waste container

How to collect biohazard waste with Boyue’s medical waste container

According to a report published by the WHO, of the 1.2 billion injections taken globally every year, 10% are immunization and 90% are therapeutic injections. Studies have shown that in a survey of needlestick injuries, 40% of medical staff have a history of accidental needlestick injuries. Another nurse survey showed that 75% were worried about being stabbed at work; 96% were stabbed. If not treated in time after being stabbed by a medical sharp, it is easy to cause infection and endanger life. So it needs to be paid extra attention.

Proper collection methods for medical waste:

1. Collect medical garbage cans with yellow lids and set special yellow medical garbage bags. When the container is 3/4 full, the garbage bag is sealed and affixed with a special logo.

2. Pathogen culture media, specimens, strains, poison preservation solutions, etc. in the microbiology laboratory are sterilized with pressure steam at the place of generation and then collected according to infectious waste.

3. Discarded urine, chest ascites, cerebrospinal fluid and other specimens can be directly discharged into the sewer with sewage treatment system.

4. Discarded blood, serum, fecal samples, and other infectious wastes are placed in medical waste bags and covered medical waste cans.

5. The blood transfusion bag should be collected separately in a yellow medical waste bag 24 hours after blood transfusion.

6. The waste (including domestic waste) generated by isolated infectious persons or suspected infectious disease persons should be sealed and packaged in double-layer yellow medical garbage bags.

In addition to paying attention to the collection method, a high-quality medical waste container can also effectively prevent biological contamination. Requirements for many special features of plastic trash cans in the medical industry:
1. Plastic trash cans are easy to clean Plastic trash cans have good performance in cleaning, and plastic trash is not only easy to clean, but also has anti-corrosion properties. The plastic trash can is made of hard material as a whole and is relatively sealed to ensure that the sharp utensils contained in the box do not leak under normal use of the plastic trash can.

2. Plastic trash cans should indicate the department and quantity, and the waste should not be too full.

3. Clean and disinfect the means of transportation after the daily work of the medical plastic trash can.

According to relevant studies, a high-quality medical waste container can avoid more than 80% of accidental needlestick injuries.

The medical waste containers produced by Boyue are easy to operate, safe and reliable, and all products have been tested many times before leaving the factory, and the puncture prevention function is good and meets international standards. Boyue treats all customers equally, dedicated to serving all customers, if you have special specifications for products, we can also customize for you!

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