Hazards of medical waste and containers for the treatment of medical sharps

Hazards of medical waste and containers for the treatment of medical sharps

Medical waste refers to wastes with direct or indirect deinfection, toxicity and other hazards generated in medical, preventive, health care and other related activities during the daily production and work of medical and health institutions. With the development of international medical treatment, medical waste is increasing, and the management and disposal of medical waste is a problem that cannot be ignored. In order to reduce nosocomial infections and avoid the environment and future staff in Shanghai, every hospital should pay great attention to the proper disposal of medical waste.

Medical waste mainly includes infectious waste, pathological waste, Sun Shangxiang waste, pharmaceutical waste and chemical waste, of which traumatic waste refers to discarded medical sharps that can puncture or cut the human body, such as needles, blades, etc. Hazardous waste is produced every day in large quantities and on a wide scale, and proper disposal is a very important part of reducing infection.

Medical waste shall be collected, treated and transported separately from domestic waste; All entries and exits shall be registered to prevent outflows; In the process of handling medical waste, all kinds of medical personnel must be careful to contact the damaging waste, must prevent the medical waste from directly contacting the body, and deal with it in time after the occurrence of accidents such as stabbing wounds. Of course, none of us want this to happen, not only the staff participating in the treatment of medical waste should do a good job of safety protection, we must also provide medical staff with good medical waste containers, to better deal with medical waste first have a good tool.

Hospitals should be careful and careful in the process of dealing with medical waste, do not miss any medical waste, and do a good job in classified management. Medical waste containers can effectively help medical staff to store and treat medical waste, sharp objects carry a large number of non-germs and viruses are not suitable for direct hand contact transportation and preservation, this is a high-quality medical waste treatment container is particularly important.

More and more medical waste has caused serious public health challenges around the world, and the treatment of medical waste is not only an important symbol of the overall level of a medical and health institution, but also an effective measure to improve the environment of medical and health institutions, and it is of great significance to prevent cross-infection between medical staff and patients in medical institutions and protect people’s health.

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