Do you know the trivia of medical turnover boxes?

Do you know the trivia of medical turnover boxes?

Medical turnover boxes are special containers for sealing medical waste and are also commonly used in hospitals. It is mainly used for temporary storage when transporting medical waste by medical waste transport vehicles and moving medical waste in medical institutions. The box cover is equipped with a sealing groove, and the whole assembly is closed, which can avoid the leakage of liquid in the box and pollute the car and the external environment. Below Boyue will focus on answering a few frequently asked questions about medical turnover boxes.

1. Can you judge whether the medical recycling box is a brand new material by the color of it?
You can judge whether a new material is used by observing the color of the turnover box. Containers made of new materials have good gloss and transparency. However, if other materials are added, it may cause black spots, or spots or patches of other colors.

2. How to avoid rust and corrosion of the turnover box
During use, the container should be checked regularly or periodically. If there is any damage, it should be repaired in time. It should be wiped clean before and after use, and there should be no dust and dirt. The main feature of the hollow plate of the turnover box is that it can be anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, more durable and durable, and has a large bearing capacity.

3. Is the quality of Boyue medical turnover barrels trustworthy?
In various types of medical institutions, the frequency of use of Boyue medical turnover barrels every day is quite high, because many medical waste or other medical waste need to be loaded with this type of turnover barrel. And everyone also knows that due to the particularity of the industry, the requirements for the use of this turnover barrel are also quite high. That is to say, as long as the qualified manufacturers can engage in related production and sales, this is also to further ensure that there will be no accidents, Boyue has a professional production team, strictly follow the production standards, so it can gain the trust of partners.
First of all, the material used by Boyue in the production and manufacturing is high-density polypropylene, and the manufacturing material does not contain PVC components. The important thing is that in addition to being non-toxic and harmless, the performance of heat resistance, cold resistance and puncture resistance in the process of long-term use is also very good, which fully meets the requirements of medical institutions.
Not only that, in order to prevent the outflow of medical waste, Boyue will also add a sealing ring at the mouth of the turnover barrel when manufacturing the medical turnover barrel, and add a protective buckle on the outside. In this way, in the process of daily use, there is no need to worry about the outflow of waste due to slipping.
In addition, there are many sizes and specifications of medical turnover barrels produced by Boyue, which is convenient for medical institutions to choose according to actual usage. And Boyue will also provide matching garbage bags in the sales process. They have very good advantages in these aspects, and these types of medical turnover barrels can naturally have very good sales in the market. When choosing this type of turnover barrel at the critical time, there is more quality assurance, and you can be more assured when using it.

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