Do you know the key points of use of Boyue sharp box device?

Do you know the key points of use of Boyue sharp box device?

As a medical waste storage device, many small partners may not know this product, and its overall material is a hard material, which can play a role in preventing puncture injuries and not spilling. Once sealed, it cannot be opened again without breaking; The overall color of the sharps box is the light yellow required by Y06 in GB/T 3181. “Warning!” is clearly printed on the side of the sharp (sharp) box. Damaging waste” warning sign. Proper use of the box can effectively prevent and reduce the incidence of sharp injuries to the operator.

The Sharps Box is a special container for damaged medical waste and can only hold the following items:
(1) Medical needles and suture needles
(2) All kinds of medical sharp tools, including scalpels, scalpels, skin knives, probes, surgical saws, etc.
(3) Glass slides, glass test tubes, etc. Note: The sharps box cannot contain other items or open the lid as a container.

Can the sharps box be placed on the treatment room dispensing table?

The reason for this question may be that sharps boxes are used to hold used sharps such as needles and are considered contaminated, while the treatment room dispensing table is a clean area. However, generally speaking, the needle generated during the dispensing process is not contaminated by the patient’s blood and body fluids, so placing the container in the clean area does not violate the principle, and it can facilitate the timely disposal of sharps generated during the dispensing process, and reduce the sharps injury caused by centralized disposal of needles.

In terms of the function and safety connotation of the sharps box, it should be placed as close to the workplace as possible to facilitate safe use in a prominent position to reduce sharps injuries. The “Basic Requirements for Hospital Infection Management in Primary Medical Institutions” stipulates that the items on the treatment cart and dressing change vehicle should be placed in an orderly manner, with the upper layer being a clean area and the lower layer being a contaminated area; The sharps box is placed on the side of the treatment cart. From this point of view, sharps generated during treatment, whether by injection or dressing change, can be placed directly in the vehicle-mounted sharps box. At the same time, the change of the position of the sharps box affects the occurrence of sharp injuries of medical staff to varying degrees, and the research shows that the injury factors may be related to the height of the sharps box placement, the distance from the sharps to the sharps box, (37.97 soil 6.03) cm can ensure that the sharps are treated in time and safely after use, so that the operator can immediately put the sharps box after use, without the need to move the body.

In working practice, sharps boxes must be kept clean if placed on a treatment table. At the same time, it can also make full use of the vehicle-mounted sharps box to be placed close to the treatment table, which is convenient for timely processing of needles after dispensing; Or make a sharps box rack, where the sharps box is placed separately in the rack.

As a kind of medical waste equipment equipment, sharps box must be properly managed to avoid medical pollution, and at the same time, when choosing this material, it is necessary to choose the appropriate size and volume to keep it clean and tidy.

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