Do medical waste collection bins have to have lids? How to use medical waste collection bins correctly

Do medical waste collection bins have to have lids? How to use medical waste collection bins correctly

I don’t know when the medical waste collection buckets of medical institutions have been covered with lids, and they will also be mentioned in the relevant training courseware, and even as a part of the hospital infection quality control inspection. Some people suggest that garbage cans with lids are inconvenient to use, especially in the dressing room, and the lids are also easy to pollute and are not easy to clean and disinfect. Do medical trash cans have to be capped? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

1. Disadvantages:
(1) It is inconvenient to put in, you need to open the lid when putting it, and if you put it frequently, you need to switch it every time. Especially when patients need to put it themselves, such as the blood collection hall of the laboratory and vaccination sites, the patient’s compliance with medical waste is low, and the increase of links reduces compliance, resulting in medical waste thrown everywhere.
(2) Every time the lid is opened and closed, it causes a flow of air, which will spread the gas generated by garbage into the air and spray it on our body, thereby increasing the risk of infection.
(3) The foot switch is easy to break, which increases the cost of the department. If it is broken and not repaired or replaced in time, then the switch needs to be operated by hand.
(4) The pollution of the lid and joints is not conducive to cleaning. If there is no cover, this link is omitted, and in actual work, it will be found that no one has been cleaned and disinfected for a long time, which increases the chance of infection.

2. Advantages:
(1) Prevent the spread of garbage corruption and gas production and pollute the environment.
(2) Fly control.
(3) Stop the spread of infectious diseases.

In fact, in many countries, it is not mandatory for all medical waste collection bins in medical institutions to be covered. The lid of the trash can can isolate odors, insects and reduce volatilization to a certain extent. However, the specific choice of which medical waste can should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis and done in accordance with the requirements of the administrative department.

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