Correct handling of medical sharps

Correct handling of medical sharps

Medical and health institutions produce a large amount of medical waste every day. Strictly speaking, medical waste refers to wastes with direct or indirect infection, toxicity or other hazards generated by medical and health institutions in medical treatment, prevention, health care and other related activities. With the continuous development of medical science, the generation and management of medical waste and its harm to society have become a problem that cannot be ignored. Used medical sharps are a type of medical waste. Disposal of medical sharps may not only cause medical pollution and spread of diseases, but also inadvertently cause harm to the human body because of their sharp appearance. Medical sharps are not uncommon and discarded. Metal sharps, such as medical needles, suture needles, acupuncture needles, probes, puncture needles and various guide wires, steel nails, surgical saws, etc. Discarded glass sharps such as coverslips, glass slides, glass ampoules, broken glass test tubes. Discarded sharps of other materials, such as disposable tweezers, disposable probes, disposable plastic pipette tips, etc. The storage and handling of these medical sharps have higher requirements on containers. Unlike medical masks or medical gloves, they can be thrown into special medical trash cans when they are used up. In order to solve the problem of difficult storage of medical sharps, special sharps boxes are produced to store these sharps.When disposing of these sharps, choose a yellow medical-specific sharps box of the appropriate specification. When the sharps box is three-quarters full, it should be sealed, collected and transported to a specialized medical waste treatment institution for processing.

So how to buy a suitable sharps box? You need to pay attention to the following four points:

  1. According to the sharps used in medical care operations, select a sharps box of appropriate size. The standard is that the sharps can be completely placed.
  2. The sharps box you buy should meet the following requirements: durable, puncture-proof, leak-proof, and the needles and glass fragments inside cannot pierce the sharps box.
  3. The selected sharps box is yellow as a whole.
  4. There are medical waste warning signs printed on the surface of the sharps box.

There are also some important things to pay attention to when using the sharps box:

  1. Before use, it is necessary to ensure that the sharps box is assembled correctly and the cover is tight.
  2. The sharps box should be placed in a conspicuous position as close to the workplace as possible to facilitate safe use.
  3. The sharps box is placed in a position where the nursing staff can easily reach it, and it does not need to be put in after secondary sorting.
  4. The removable sharps box should be placed at the waist-high position.
  5. The sharps box should not be placed on the bottom of the working car. The nurse bends over to put the sharps, and the sight is blocked, which is very easy to causeinjury during insertion.
  6. After the nursing staff completes the operation, the sharps aredirectly put into the sharps box, and the interval between the operation and the time when they are placed in the sharps box

The shorter the time, the more effective needlestick injuries can be avoided.

7 .The sharps box should not be placed on the ground, on the surface of a higher object, or within the reach of children and unconscious patients square. Medical waste stored in sharps boxes is dangerous and can easily cause harm to children or patients.

  1. The sharps box needs to be regularly inspected and replaced before the sharps are full to the marked line.
  2. Avoid putting sharps waste into the sharps box, which will increase the disposal cost of the sharps box and create unsafe obstacles when the sharps box is opened.

The treatment of medical waste is often regarded as something without technical content, but only by properly disposing of each medical waste can we create a safer medical environment. The process of treatment should be completely isolated from contamination. Reasonable and correct use of medical waste disposal equipment can help us a lot.

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