Collection and disposal of medical waste

Collection and disposal of medical waste

Medical waste is very different from ordinary domestic waste. If it is not handled properly, it may not only pollute the environment, but also cause harm to human health. If you look up relevant cases online, you will be shocked by the huge social harm caused by medical waste. Therefore, in the face of medical waste, we should pay more attention and strictly follow the regulations to collect and dispose of medical waste. Here are some things you need to be aware of.

1. How to collect medical waste?
Medical and health institutions shall collect medical wastes generated by their own units in a timely manner, and place them in special packaging or airtight containers that prevent leakage and penetration by sharp objects according to their categories.

Special packaging and containers for medical waste shall have obvious warning signs and warning instructions.

To put it simply, it is sorted into light yellow medical waste packaging bags, sharps boxes, and turnover boxes with warning signs and warnings. (The form of the warning sign is a right-angled rhombus, the background color of the warning sign is light yellow, the color of the border and the warning is black, and the warning should be used in combination with the warning sign)

2. What should be paid attention to in the collection of medical waste?

First of all, remember that medical waste cannot be collected together!

Before containing waste, medical waste packaging or containers should be carefully inspected to ensure that they are free of damage, leakage and other defects.

When the outer surface of the package or container is contaminated with infectious waste, the contaminated area should be disinfected or a layer of packaging should be added.

When the contained medical waste reaches 3/4 of the package or container, an effective sealing method should be used to make the package or container seal tightly and tightly.

3. What should be paid attention to in the temporary storage of medical waste?

Separated from household waste, away from medical areas, food processing areas and crowded areas.

Anti-leakage, anti-rodent, anti-mosquito, anti-cockroach, anti-theft function.

Regional division: follow the principle of separation of clean and dirty.

The logo is obvious.

Do a good job of registration, including the source, type, weight and quantity, handover time, final destination and the signature of the manager, etc. The data will be kept for three years.

It is prohibited to transfer or buy medical waste.

All medical waste needs to be stored in special medical waste bins and then processed centrally. Never mix medical waste with household waste, it is absolutely not allowed.

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