Characteristics of medical waste containers

Characteristics of medical waste containers

In the last issue, we explained the necessity of correctly disposing of medical waste for everyone, I believe that everyone has some understanding of medical waste, then in today’s article, we will introduce to you is Boyue company’s medical waste turnover box series products, as the name suggests, it is used to collect medical waste turnover box, but also a special hard container containing sealed medical waste. The container is used for medical waste delivery vehicles to send medical waste, or for medical and health institutions to collect medical waste when temporarily storing garbage, its biggest role is to make the packaged medical waste not directly in contact with the vehicle box or directly exposed to the external environment, in the occurrence of packaging bag damage can play a role in preventing waste pollution of the carriage and the external environment. It can be reused at one time or multiple times and is the first choice and mandatory product for major medical waste disposal centers.
The medical waste turnover box produced by Boyue Company has many characteristics:

The tote box as a whole prevents liquid leakage, and the box is easy to clean and disinfect;
The box is mostly pale yellow, and the side of the box or the barrel body is sprayed with obvious warning signs and warnings (in line with the national standard, HJ421-2008), so that people can see the role of the box at a glance;
The box and lid can be firmly fastened, and will not be separated after fastening;
The surface of the box is smooth and flat, intact and undamaged, without obvious depressions, and without burrs at the edges and handles;
The logistics mechanical performance of the turnover barrel conforms to HJ421-2008;
The bottom and top of the box have a fitting alveolar, which has anti-slip function and is not easy to pour;
The tote can be stacked on top of each other for easy transport and loading.
The box is made of high-density polyethylene HDPE, and the product material is thickened and hard, and it is not easy to damage.

There is another point to put forward, we can produce blue, yellow, green, red and other specifications according to customer requirements, and the models are also very diverse.

Well, today’s products are introduced here, if you have the intention to buy, welcome to contact us at any time, Boyue’s official website has more information for you to view, if you have other medical device products needs, please also move to the official website.

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