Use the Boyo sharps box to handle disposable needles

A large number of disposable needles are used every day around the world, disposable needles are medical waste after use, and need to be put into a sharp box as soon as possible, and these needles can be handled efficiently with Boyue Sharp Box, but there are still some things you need to pay attention to. Syringes are usually divided into three parts: needle, needle, and core. The needle tube, core stem of disposable syringes is usually plastic, the core

What are the requirements for medical waste containers when collecting medical waste on a daily basis?

As we all know, medical waste containers play a huge role in ensuring medical and health safety, but the following points also need to be paid attention to when collecting medical waste. First of all, medical institutions should collect the generated medical waste in a timely manner and place it in special packaging or closed containers that prevent leakage or sharps penetration according to categories. The color of medical waste packaging bags, sharps boxes, turnover boxes (barrels) is light yellow,

Where should the sharps box be placed?

According to the investigation report on nurses’ sharp injuries, 16.48% occurred when the sharps were placed in the sharps box, and the probability of sharps injuries in the link of “putting the needle into the sharps box” was so high, people have to wonder whether the occurrence of occupational exposure, in addition to the nurse’s incorrect operation, is also related to the location of the sharps box? We found that some hospital sharps boxes are placed next to infectious waste

Can I use the homemade sharps box?

The choice of sharps box may be a problem that most hospitals are more entangled in, although the sharps box provided by the manufacturer meets the standard, but the cost of use is too high, and the compliance of clinical and medical technology departments is not high, so there are self-made sharps boxes that meet the actual conditions of each hospital. Can you use a homemade sharps box? Boyue’s answer is: do not use homemade sharps boxes when the use

Sharps waste treatment and protection measures

Creating a safe medical environment is extremely important, because doctors, nurses and other staff have been exposed to medical sharps for a long time, and if they are in the process of surgery, they also have to face a multi-person collaboration scenario, and used medical sharps waste needs to be disposed of as soon as possible, otherwise it is prone to accidental damage. Surgeons and operating room staff often get stabbed by sharp instruments, so paying attention to the operation

Should used masks be disposed of in the medical waste bin?

Global public health is becoming more and more important to everyone, and more and more people are choosing to wear masks for travel, how should medical masks be disposed of after use as a protective item? Can they be disposed of in the normal household garbage? If you have doubts about this, Bo Yue will answer your questions. The mask can effectively protect against viruses, however, if not disposed of properly, it can cause secondary contamination. How to throw the

Proper disposal of medical sharps and medical waste

As we know, there are many kinds of medical devices, and most of them are not suitable to be thrown in the ordinary trash, so there are special medical trash cans. So what kind of medical equipment products are more troublesome in medical equipment? There is a more common one, that is sharps. For example, syringes, infusion sets and related types of needles; for example, small glass products, blades, scalp needles and suture needles and so on; for example, medical

The correct use of sharps boxes produced by Boyue company

The sharps box produced by Boyue company has a round sharps box, a square sharps box, also called a medical sharps box or sharps box, of which, the use of the 2-liter round sharps box is mainly used by hospitals to store used needles and other sharps, sharps boxes can only be used once, can not be recycled, sharps boxes must be closed in time after the used medical sharps waste, and handed over to qualified units for incineration. Over

What happens to the needle after insulin injection?

Diabetes has now become an epidemic. With the development of the world economy and the change of people’s lifestyle and the aging of the population, the global prevalence of diabetes is increasing year by year, and we have begun to pay more and more attention to diabetes, insulin as a common drug for diabetics, many people only pay attention to the precautions of insulin injection, often ignore the treatment of needles after use, the following Boyue will briefly introduce to

Precautions for the use of Boyue biohazardous waste containers

Strict adherence to usage requirements will effectively extend the service life of biohazard containers. This article will share some relevant usage knowledge for you, hoping to answer your doubts. 1. Biohazard containers can hold waste multiple times. After proper cleaning, the empty container containing hazardous waste can be used to hold hazardous waste with similar properties to the original packaging, such as empty plastic drums containing hydrochloric acid can be used to hold other waste acids. 2. Treatment before discarding:

Boyue’s biohazard container

This is not an exaggeration, once biohazards occur, they will cause devastating harm to our lives and health. We must pay great attention to it. Biosafety refers to a comprehensive measure to avoid the exposure of laboratory and animal laboratory personnel caused by dangerous biological factors, spread outside the laboratory and causing harm. Biological hazards mainly refer to pathogenic microorganisms and potentially dangerous recombinant DNA that directly or indirectly cause adverse effects and damage to humans, animals or plants. The

Can the Byue Sharp Box be reused?

As we all know, sharps boxes play a major role in the field of medical safety, protecting the safety of medical staff. So, did you know that sharps boxes can be reused? Under normal circumstances, when two-thirds of the sharps box is full, it must be sealed, once sealed, it cannot be opened again without damage, if it can be opened after sealing, it means that the sharps box is not a special container. If the sharp instrument is removed