Can reusable sharps boxes actually cause Prismium saccharomyces infection?

Sharps boxes are very common in medical institutions, but there are still relatively few studies on whether sharps boxes can transmit pathogenic bacteria. Recently, American scholars used samples from hospitals across the country to evaluate the relationship between disposable sharps boxes and reusable sharps boxes and the infection rate of Prismyces saccharia, which should attract the attention of infection control professionals. In 2013, they collected sharps box use from 1,990 hospitals in the United States and analyzed the relationship between

Performance of Boyue Medical Turnover Box

The appearance of Boyue medical turnover box has been recognized by everyone in terms of medical and health, so what are the advantages and characteristics of Boyue medical turnover box in use? Now take you to find out. First of all, Boyue medical turnover box is made of high-density polypropylene plastic, does not contain PVC components, has the advantages of non-toxic, heat resistance, cold resistance, puncture resistance, earthquake resistance, no leakage, etc., widely used in medical waste disposal centers and

Sharps box manufacturer and how to use it

Boyue company is a professional production of medical sharps box environmentally friendly plastic products manufacturers, its production of sharps box is widely sold all over the world, has been unanimously praised by customers. In the following article, I will take you to understand how to use the Boyue Sharp Box correctly: Boyue is a professional sharps box manufacturer, as we all know that sharps boxes are professionally used to collect sharp instruments used in hospitals and outpatient departments, we all

Do you know the trivia of medical turnover boxes?

Medical turnover boxes are special containers for sealing medical waste and are also commonly used in hospitals. It is mainly used for temporary storage when transporting medical waste by medical waste transport vehicles and moving medical waste in medical institutions. The box cover is equipped with a sealing groove, and the whole assembly is closed, which can avoid the leakage of liquid in the box and pollute the car and the external environment. 1. Can you judge whether the medical

Medical trash cans must have the following characteristics to be used with confidence

The garbage generated by medical institutions in medical, preventive, health care and other related activities has direct or indirect infectious, toxic and other hazards, including infectious, pathological, destructive, pharmaceutical and chemical waste. These garbage contain a large number of bacteria and viruses, which have the characteristics of certain space pollution, acute viral infection and latent infection, and need to be sorted and strengthened, so there are special requirements for garbage bins. Medical trash cans must have the following characteristics to

How medical containers are cleaned and the differences between different materials

Medical turnover box needs to be cleaned regularly, medical turnover box can effectively improve cleaning efficiency, medical turnover box for some specially designed plastic medical turnover box, such as dead angle, acute angle, etc., cleaning should pay attention to it, it can not become a detergent bonding point. Different medical turnover boxes have different cleaning methods, cleaning carbonized resin or colorant, if the gap is too small, it is easy to block, some cleaning agents can be used for mold

Byue Sharp Cartridge Use and Storage Rules

A sharps box is a special toolbox for medical sharps to protect medical staff and prevent medical prevention containing medical waste. Standardizing the use of sharps boxes is not only a requirement for occupational protection, but also involves legal liability. Let’s talk about the rules for the use and storage of the Boyue Sharp Box. 1. Whether the sharps box has a seal When the sharps installed reach 3/4 of the sharps box, an effective sealing method should be adopted

Do you know the purpose and characteristics of sharps boxes?

With the continuous development of the economy, the progress of the medical industry is obvious to all. In hospitals, sharps boxes are common medical equipment, although common, do you know it? What are its characteristics? Today let’s take a look at the use and characteristics of sharps boxes! Sharps box is a medical storage box used to collect syringes, small glass products, blades, suture needles and other sharp instruments, sharps box is disposable, according to the requirements must be recycled

Boyue company tells you how to choose a medical trash can

Boyue is a professional medical trash can manufacturer, in this article I will tell you how to choose medical trash can. First of all, when choosing a medical trash can, we should not only pay attention to its price, but also the quality of the problem, and there are many small details to pay attention to. Medical trash cans are not common in everyday environments, but as a basic tool in major medical establishments, it must not be sloppy in

What are the characteristics of the installation steps of the Boyue Sharp Box?

Sharps box for one-time use, according to the requirements, stipulates that within 24 hours must be recycled by the medical waste disposal unit, within 48 hours of thorough and safe incineration, Boyue sharp box products using new polypropylene, PVC-free, convenient, non-toxic, puncture resistance, no leakage, easy to high temperature incineration, closed can not be opened without damage. Round sharps box adopts new polypropylene plastic, does not contain PVC, has convenience, safety, non-toxic, puncture resistance, no leakage, easy to high temperature

Boyue Medical Waste Turnover Box

The turnover and transportation of medical waste is not a simple matter, a large part of which is because medical waste may contain pathogenic microorganisms due to contact with the patient’s blood, body fluids, etc., with direct infection or the formation of aerosols with the help of air infection and other dangerous characteristics, and medical waste has many organic components, easy to rot and smell, breed mosquitoes and flies, may cause disease transmission and environmental pollution. Therefore, special medical waste

Is the front part of the infusion set a traumatic medical waste?

After investigation, we found that medical institutions have different requirements for the treatment of the front part of the infusion set, some according to the treatment of injury waste, and some according to infectious waste. Some institutions treat the front section of the infusion set according to infectious waste, and some cut the steel needle and plastic tip of the front end of the infusion set into the sharps box. So what would be more appropriate? First, let’s talk about