Can sharps and trash cans be placed in the treatment room?

Can sharps and trash cans be placed in the treatment room?

Do you sometimes wonder: Can garbage cans and sharps boxes be placed in the treatment room? Does used medical waste need to be disposed of elsewhere? Today Boyue company will share relevant information for you.

First of all, we need to clarify the concept of the treatment room, which is a place for patients to carry out treatment operations, such as intra-articular injection, intrathecal injection, bone puncture, lumbar puncture, chest puncture, dressing change, etc. In addition, the treatment room also needs to store sterile items, clean items (such as sterilized medicine cups and tubing), etc
Treatment rooms need to be classified into different categories, with Class 1 (clean) treatment rooms and Class II (contamination) treatment rooms
The treatment room carries out cleaning treatment, such as penetration, bone puncture, chest puncture, intra-articular injection, intrathecal injection, urinary catheterization, cleaning and dressing change, etc
Class II treatment rooms perform infectious treatments, such as dressing changes for infectious wounds
The ward can be set up as the same room as the type II treatment room, and cleaning treatment is given priority, and infectious treatment is carried out in different times.
Under normal circumstances, the facilities of the treatment room are equipped with: operation table, treatment table, locker, treatment cart, sharp (sharp) food, medical waste bin, non-medical waste bin, hand hygiene facilities, etc. In addition, it should be noted that the treatment room is not directly ventilated with the outdoors, and ultraviolet lamps should be equipped to ensure a sterile environment.
Based on the above information, we can conclude that whether it is a treatment preparation room or a treatment room, there are sharps boxes, medical waste bins and non-medical waste bins in the facility configuration, which shows that the treatment room can put trash cans and sharps boxes.

In practice, everyone for the “definition” of sharps boxes, garbage cans is relatively dirty, polluted, and the treatment preparation room is a clean area, I feel unsuitable, I have to have a certain misunderstanding, for the treatment preparation room of the trash can and sharps box, it is recommended to fix the special, only for the treatment room dispensing and other operations after the storage of sharps and waste, after reaching 3/4 of the timely sealing disposal, to avoid mixing with the ward, etc., reduce the risk of cross-infection.

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