Can insulin injection needles be reused?

Can insulin injection needles be reused?

The treatment process of diabetes is very long, not a disease that can be cured overnight, for convenience, many patients will choose to inject insulin at home, so can the insulin injection needle be reused?

Of course not! The reuse of disposable needles is far more harmful than you can imagine!

First of all, after the injection needle is reused, the residual liquid in the needle affects the accuracy of the injection dose, and if the residual insulin forms crystals, it will also block the needle. And long-term use of the needle will also cause the hook bending that is not easy to find with the naked eye, and the needle tip will become dull; In addition, it will be wiped with alcohol disinfectant when using, which destroys the siliconized layer on the surface of the needle and increases the injection pain.

Secondly, repeated use greatly increases the chance of needle breakage, which may cause serious consequences in the human body when the tip of the needle is broken, not to mention the risk of infection! If the needle is not removed after each injection, the next time it is used, it is equivalent to opening the path to the refill, resulting in bacteria in the air and on the needle tip entering the refill through the needle, which not only contaminates the solution, but also increases the chance of infection at the injection site for the patient.

In addition, repeated use of disposable needles can reduce the efficacy of insulin. The insulin needle left on the injection pen can easily cause the liquid in the refill to overflow from the needle, especially the concentration of premixed insulin will change, which will not only waste insulin, but also affect the dose and effectiveness.

Similarly, repeated use of disposable needles can lead to lipotrophy at the injection site and increase the chance of skin damage. According to relevant research reports, even if the needle is injected only once, the needle tip may be damaged if the needle is examined under the microscope, and if the needle continues to be reused, it will lead to minimally invasive tissue, the tip of the needle will fall off the body, and even fat atrophy. Diabetic patients are often complicated by peripheral vascular neuropathy, and their skin is more easily damaged and not easy to find and cure.

Finally, reusing disposable needles increases the chance of needlestick injuries. The tip of the insulin needle is very thin and its tip is also very small. Many patients and even medical staff inject insulin, in order to reuse and to prevent the needle from being exposed, which greatly increases the chance of needlestick injury. Acupuncture injuries can spread more than 20 kinds of bloodborne infectious diseases, and 80%~90% of bloodborne infectious diseases among medical staff are caused by needlestick wounds, which seriously threatens the health of patients and medical staff.

In order to avoid the above hazards, please remember to pay attention to hygiene during use, so that the insulin pen with needles and insulin syringes are replaced one at a time, the injection needle after use should be put into the sharps box in time, and the sharps box is not easy to touch and knock over, the sharps box capacity is full of three-quarters should be sealed and the relevant sharps should be centrally processed.

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