Can Boyue Medical Sharps Box be reused permanently?

Can Boyue Medical Sharps Box be reused permanently?

Can Boyue Medical Sharps Box be used permanently? Before answering this question, we need to clarify a common sense message, that is: the sharps box is a medical storage box used to collect syringes, small glass products, blades, suture needles and other sharp instruments. All sharps boxes are single-use items! Therefore, no sharp weapon box can be reused forever, for the sake of your life and health, it is best to recycle and dispose of it uniformly, and never try to save money in terms of safety.

Although all sharps boxes are single-use, this does not mean that all sharps boxes are the same, and the quality of sharps boxes produced by different manufacturers varies greatly, and you need to carefully screen when purchasing. The overall material of the sharps box produced by Boyue is made of hard material, using new polypropylene material, PVC-free, convenient, safe, non-toxic, puncture-resistant, non-leakage, easy to burn at high temperature, and cannot be opened without damage after sealing. Closed and puncture-proof, under normal circumstances, the contents do not leak. The overall color of the sharps box is light yellow, eye-catching, easy to identify. And the side of the box is clearly printed with “Warning!” Damaging waste” warning sign. Everything in the design of the Boyue Sharp Box meets the needs of medical hygiene.

So, how long does the Boyue Medical Sharps Box have to be cleaned up after use?

1. Calculate according to volume
According to the volume, when the sharps box is three-quarters full, it must be taken for incineration. In departments that produce fewer sharps, how long can sharps boxes be left before processing? Preferably Nissan Nissin! Different from other medical waste turnover materials, the outside is cleaned up is not easy to cause natural environmental pollution, the content will not flow out, when the content is three-quarters full, it needs to be reasonably sealed and then sent to the medical waste storage station. If the daily generation of medical sharps waste is less, then you should choose small capacity sharps box, easy to use, save energy, Boyue production of various capacities of sharps box, from large capacity to small capacity, to meet all your needs.

2. Calculate by time
According to national requirements, medical sharp weapon boxes must be recycled by medical waste disposal units within 24 hours, and completely and safely incinerated within 48 hours. This is a reasonable time after considering various factors such as environmental protection and safety.

The above is about how long to clean up the sharp weapon box sharing, if you need to know more about the medical weapon box, please go to the official website of Boyue to check the relevant information, Boyue is a company specializing in medical waste containers, not only professional but also strong production strength. If you want to buy related products in large quantities, please contact us by phone or email, we treat every customer equally, and do our best to meet your needs.

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