Boyue helps with the classification of medical waste

Boyue helps with the classification of medical waste

The management of medical waste is often considered to have no technical content, but it directly affects our living environment, only by strictly handling every detail can we truly and effectively prevent the spread of pathogenic microorganisms and avoid pollution to the environment.
So how exactly to deal with it? Boyue Company today introduces the treatment methods of infectious waste and damaging waste, as follows:

Infectious waste refers to medical waste that carries pathogenic microorganisms and has a risk of causing the spread of infectious diseases. These categories are included:
1. Plastics, rubber, cotton, fibers and other wastes contaminated by the patient’s blood, body fluids and infectious excrement.
2. Pathogen culture media, specimens, strains, and virus preservation solutions discarded by microbiology laboratories; Various discarded medical specimens.
3. Domestic garbage generated by isolated infectious disease patients and suspected infectious disease patients.

When collecting and disposing of infectious waste, the correct thing to do is as follows:
(1) Collect with yellow medical trash cans with lids and put special yellow medical garbage bags. When the container is 3/4 full, the garbage bag is sealed and affixed with a special logo.
(2) The pathogen culture medium, specimens, strains, virus preservation solution, etc. of the microbiology laboratory shall be sterilized with pressure steam at the place of generation and then collected according to infectious waste.
(3) Waste urine, pleural ascites, cerebrospinal fluid and other specimens can be directly discharged into the sewer with a sewage treatment system.
(4) Discarded blood, serum, fecal specimens, and other infectious wastes are placed in medical garbage bags and medical trash cans with lids.
(5) The blood transfusion bag should be collected separately in the yellow medical garbage bag 24 hours after the blood transfusion.
(6) Wastes (including domestic waste) generated by isolated infectious disease persons or suspected infectious disease patients should be sealed in double-layer yellow medical garbage bags.

Traumatic waste refers to discarded medical sharps that can stab or cut the human body. Including discarded metal sharps, such as medical needles, suture needles, acupuncture needles, probes, piercing needles and various guidewires, steel nails, surgical saws, etc. Discarded glass sharps such as coverslips, slides, glass ampoules, broken glass test tubes. Discarded sharps of other materials, such as disposable tweezers, disposable probes, single-use plastic pipette tips, etc.

The correct way to collect damaging waste is to place it directly into the yellow medical sharps box. Note: Choose the appropriate specification of the sharps box, and seal the transfer when it is 3/4 full. Special care should also be taken when handling damaging waste to prevent stabbing by sharp objects.

Whether it is a medical trash can or a sharps box, Boyue has production, products of various specifications, and products can be customized according to customer needs. At Boyue Company, you can buy all kinds of medical waste containers.

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