Boyue Biohazard Container effectively helps you dispose of biological laboratory waste

Boyue Biohazard Container effectively helps you dispose of biological laboratory waste

In the laboratory, the final disposal of waste is closely related to how its contamination is removed. For everyday items, very few contaminated materials need to actually be removed from the lab or destroyed. Most glassware, instruments, and lab coats can be reused or reused. The first principle of waste disposal is that all infectious materials must be decontaminated in the laboratory, autoclaved or incinerated.

The main issues to be considered before discarding all laboratory items used to handle potentially infectious microorganisms or animal tissues are:

1. Have the prescribed procedures been taken to effectively remove contamination or disinfect these items?
2. If not, are they wrapped in a prescribed manner for on-site incineration or transport to other places with incineration facilities for disposal?
3. Does discarding a decontaminated item cause any potential biological or other hazards to those directly involved in the discard, or to those who may come into contact with the discarded material outside the facility?

2. Treatment and disposal of polluting materials and waste

Infectious substances and their packaging should be identified and treated separately, in compliance with national and international regulations. Waste can be divided into the following categories:
1. Non-polluting (non-infectious) waste that can be reused or reused, or discarded as ordinary “household” waste
2. Contaminated (infectious) sharps – needles, scalpels, knives and broken glass for subcutaneous injection; These wastes should be collected in containers with lids that are not easily punctured and disposed of as infectious substances.
3. Remove contaminated materials that are repeated or reused after contamination through autoclaving and cleaning.
4. Contaminated materials discarded after autoclaving.
5. Contaminated materials that are directly incinerated.

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