Biohazard Waste Disposal

Biohazard Waste Disposal

The so-called biomedical waste refers to the waste generated by medical and health institutions in the process of diagnosis, treatment and sanitation, and the excrement and garbage generated in the life of patients. These wastes may be contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms and may also be harmful to the public. health hazard. Since the end of the 20th century, modern biotechnology and related industries have developed rapidly, and have been widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, environmental protection and other fields and achieved remarkable results. In recent years, with the rapid development and wide application of modern biotechnology, a large number of Wastes with strong potential hazards and typical biological pollution characteristics are generated, namely Bio-Hazardous Waste (BHW).


Biohazard waste is different from traditional waste in that its composition is complex, the concentration of organic matter is high, it contains a large amount of refractory substances and bacteriostatic antibiotics, and it also carries biologically active substances such as bacteria, viruses, and genetically modified organisms, which seriously threaten the safety of the ecological environment. , directly endangering human life and health.

Animal medical waste is a kind of biological medical waste. It has strong animal disease infectivity and is hazardous waste. At present, there is a huge amount of animal medical waste in management, and regulations and management systems are not perfect. Insufficient awareness of its hazards and other issues. Take measures such as establishing a sound system, increasing investment in animal medical waste disposal, increasing training and education, and cooperating with multiple departments to gradually standardize animal medical waste disposal. Institutionalize.

Medical institutions in the United States currently mainly refer to the relevant requirements of the Medical Waste Tracking Act (MWTA) passed by Congress in 1989 for management and disposal. According to this Act, controlled medical waste mainly includes the following seven categories: culture medium, pathological waste, blood and blood products, sharps for medical or experimental use, microbial waste, animal waste, selective isolation waste and other untreated waste. Use sharps to basically include BHW produced by medical institutions. Clear classification and detailed requirements also provide necessary prerequisites and guarantees for effective management.


Medical waste is the most dangerous type of hazardous waste. It is highly infectious, biologically viral and corrosive, and its harmfulness has attracted great attention from all over the world.

The country vigorously develops corresponding treatment and disposal technologies. Currently, the widely used and relatively mature treatment technologies include: incineration, high pressure steam sterilization, gas sterilization, chemical disinfection and crushing, high temperature inactivation, radiation treatment, microwave disinfection, sewage disposal, filling Buried, etc., can basically ensure that the BHW components sourced from medical institutions are effectively disinfected and sterilized safely and properly.

Among them, the treatment of hazardous wastes by incineration is the most widely used and mature heat treatment technology. In the incineration method, the hazardous waste is oxidized and burned in the incinerator, and the acid gas emitted by the incineration of medical waste only includes HCl, SO2, NOx, etc.

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