After the new crown vaccine, where did the needle go?

After the new crown vaccine, where did the needle go?

The new crown epidemic is raging all over the world, seriously affecting people’s daily life. With the unremitting efforts of various countries, a variety of vaccines have been developed and injected into the human body. What to do with the used up new crown vaccine syringes and needles?

For regular medical institutions, used new crown vaccine syringes and needles will be disposed of according to strict regulations. After the vaccine injection is completed, the syringes, needles, and bottles will be put into the sharps box, and the vaccine outer packaging and vaccine instructions will be kept in the inoculation unit and disposed of in accordance with the medical waste disposal method.

The new crown epidemic has been repeated and difficult to control, and a large number of people have been infected, and the resulting medical waste has also increased significantly. In order to better prevent and control the epidemic, medical waste needs to be “Nissan Nissin”, the storage time should not exceed 24 hours, and a special car line should be provided. During the operation of medical waste, the personnel in charge of transportation must wear masks, take a special route, and avoid the peak flow of people in hospitals and roads, so as to avoid biological pollution and aggravate the epidemic situation. All medical waste will eventually be collected, operated and processed by the Medical Waste Disposal Center to ensure the timely and safe disposal of medical waste.

In addition, for medical waste such as used cotton swabs and gauze, medical staff will put them into special medical waste recycling bins according to their classification. Cotton swabs and gauze are infectious waste and must be put into the yellow medical waste bin. Needles are damaging waste and should be placed in a special plastic sharps box/bucket to prevent leakage from the plastic sharps box/bucket from being punctured.

Epidemic prevention and control should not be taken lightly, especially in medical institutions, where a large number of people pour in for vaccination and nucleic acid testing. The medical waste generated during this period is highly infectious, preventing the risk of infection and transmission of medical waste during the recycling and transportation process. , is the key epidemic prevention work of every medical institution.

All vaccine injections strictly adhere to the principle of “one person, one needle”. There is no need to worry about mixing needles and infection with HIV and other viruses. This is impossible. Used syringes and needles will be thrown into sharps and boxes immediately. .

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